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Definition and causes

Aplastisk anaemia (anaemia) is a disease that is characterized by the fact that there is reduced production of red cells (red blood cells), platelets (platelet), granulocytes (white blood cells), monocytes (white blood cells) (see generally on the blood cells ) In the red bone marrow because of a errors in stamcellen . Blodets content of these cells will also be reduced.

The reason for Granulocytopenia, Aplastic anemia can be:

  1. Overdose of certain forms of medicine such as cellegifte (chemotherapy), which affects stamcellen directly. Stråleskader from previous treatments.

  2. A response in the immune system against stamcellen. This reaction can be started by a hypersensitivity to certain types of medicine, for example. gigtpræparater. Infections in the body can also start such a reaction.

The disease is very rare and there are about. 10 new cases in Denmark a year.


The symptoms may prove very suddenly and be life-threatening. There is the following symptoms:

  • Very high indsættende sudden fever.

  • Signs of anaemia as paleness, fatigue and headache.

  • The trend for bleeding ( trompocytopeni) .

Precautions and diagnosis

Developer Monday abruptly above symptoms should contact a doctor immediately. If you take much medicine, it is important to accurately inform the physician medicinlisten, including medicines and naturpræperater.

The doctor by taking a blood sample make the diagnosis, and if there are cases of doubt, a knoglemarvsundersøgelse support the diagnosis.


Is there any. an operative reason, we must try to find this. If the patient takes medicines that can trigger Granulocytopenia, Aplastic anemia, the doctor must adjust this type of medicine.

Otherwise, given blood against anæmien, since the body introduced several ilttransporterende red blood cells and the bleeding against the entry of more platelets. Priority will be given antibiotics against infections.

In some cases facilitate improved disease spontaneously and in severe cases, bone marrow the only treatment.


The forecast is very uncertain and will be worse in the difficult, langvarende cases of the disease.



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