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Definition and causes

Granulocytes belongs to the family of the white blood cells and has significant importance for the immune system against infection. Granulocytes can be divided into 3 groups, which neutrophils, NG, is the one. NG play an important role in the early phase of fighting an infection, caused by bacteria.

If measured in the blood a number of NG below a certain threshold is defined as agranulocytosis. By agranulocytosis seen typically reduced production of NG in the bone marrow. I rarely seen the destruction or changes in the distribution of NG with increased accumulation in the spleen.

  • The reasons for the reduced production, certain forms of Leukemia or toxic effects of ingested drugs such as. gigtpræparater and cellegifte. Similarly, radiation can be the cause.

  • The reason for the increased destructionmay be a reaction against NG from the immune system triggered by the intake medicine.

Agranulocytosis is extremely rare, and there are about. 30 new cases in Denmark a year.


Classical for the disease is that the symptoms developing rapidly.
Since NG is an important part of the immune system, seen by agranulocytosis following characters:

  • Life-threatening infections with the rapid rise and fall of body temperature.

  • Palpitations and shortness of breath which may be due sepsis (blood poisoning).

  • Dizziness.

  • Ulcers in the mouth and throat.

Precautions and diagnosis

Seeing Monday the above symptoms, while for example. are in chemotherapy or taking certain types gigtmedicin, one should consult a doctor as soon as possible or call after ambulancen in severe cases. The treatment begins as the first, and then takes blood samples and doing a knoglemarvsundersøgelse to confirm the diagnosis.


At the hospital you are treated with antibiotics bredspekteret, and being hospitalised efforts a thorough investigation of the disease. We examine the urine and blood for bacteria, so that we can use the correct antibiotic. Mistænker Monday that a drug might be causing the agranulocytosen be Monday, agreed with the doctor to stop the intake of this.

Select and complications

The disease is a life-threatening condition, and early treatment is important. Is agranulocytosis influence of a drug, is forecast good, since the formation of NG in the bone marrow started spontaneously again, when you stop taking the medicine.




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