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Definition and causes

Blodets iltbærende cells called for the red blood cells (erythrocytes) and is formed in the bone marrow. They contain the substancehemoglobin. Ilten from the air binds to the hemoglobin in the lungs, and will be transported via the blood to the body's various tissues.

By anaemia means a reduced amount of hemoglobin in the blood, which can either be due to a reduced number of red blood cells and / or a reduced amount of hemoglobin inside the red blood cells. Anaemia means that there will not be transported sufficient oxygen to the body organism.


When anaemia due to reduced amounts of hemoglobin, is the reason iron . Iron is an important component in the formation of hemoglobin and iron deficiency can result both of reduced intake of iron in food, and lack of inclusion in the gut.

When anaemia due to a reduced number of red blood cells, it may be because a number of things:

  • Bleeding is a typical cause of anaemia and can both act as an external bleeding (through the skin) and an internal haemorrhage (blood remains in the body). External bleeding is clear, but internal bleeding can be lumske. These are often in the stomach and the gut, where small siveblødninger can drain the body of blood.

  • B12 vitamin and folinsyremangel : Vitamin B12 and folic acid are important elements in the formation of red blood cells in bone marrow. The shortage may also stem from inadequate amount of vitamin B12 or folic acid in the diet or reduced entry in the gut. Lack of removals of vitamin B12 in the intestine called pernicious anaemia .

  • Reduced production of red blood cells in bone marrow: This could be due to a toxic side effects from medication intake or damage to cells after radiation. Chronic renal failure can result in a reduced stimulation of bone marrow due to lack of hormonproduktion (EPO) in the kidneys. Finally, the body's immune system in some cases reacting to the red blood cells following the example. an infection, so there will be formed fewer red blood cells.

  • Destruction of the red blood cells ( hemolytic anemia ). In this case, there will be destroyed more red blood cells, than to be able to be formed. This is seen most often by states which have been incurred in the course of their lives. For example. it can be seen at the wrong blood , At the wrong antibodies (the body's immune system destroys its own red blood cells) and by ingestion of a drug, which has launched a devastating response against the red blood cells. Cells can also be turned into pieces against a artificial heart valve . Sjældnere hemolytic anemia can be seen by congenital diseases such as sickle cell anaemia or thalassæmi .

  • Often occurs anaemia by chronic diseases .


Symptoms of anaemia



  • Bymoderate anaemiahæmoglobinindholdet lies in the blood down to 2 / 3 of normal. Here, the only symptom be pallor due to the reduced flow of the skin.

  • Is hæmoglobinindholdet under 2 / 3 of the normal, they talk aboutmiddelsvær anaemiaand it will prove as paleness, fatigue, palpitations and shortness of breath.

  • Bysevere anaemiaWhere hæmoglobinindholdet is below 1 / 3 of the normal, you will experience chest pain, pain in læggene after a prolonged period of time, headache, dizziness and in the worst case is a hazardous situation.


Precautions and diagnosis

When we see sustained evidence of the above symptoms should seek medical attention. Moreover, we know, for example. bleeding from endetarmen be aware that anaemia can occur. The diagnosis anaemia made by a blood test, which can also provide a good guide to find the specific cause of anæmien.



Treatment of anaemia

One must always try to find the cause of anaemia, in a general treatment begins. , Will then targeted to process against the deficiencies that cause anæmien. A blood contains large quantities of red blood cells with hemoglobin and large quantities of iron. Otherwise, jernpiller consumed as a complement to food. Can we not absorb vitamin B12 in the intestine, can we get a depotindsprøjtning in a muscle, and this will work 3-4 months


Prevention of anaemia

In order to prevent anaemia, it is important that you eat balanced and get plenty of iron, vitamins and minerals. Are you familiar with another illness, such as stomach / bowel disease, or blood cancer, will tend to anaemia and be followed by permanent missions in the hospital.



Select and complications

The treatment of iron, vitamin B12 and folinsyremangel forecast is good, as long as the specific cause of the shortage exists. See also the progress in the specific diseases that cause anemia.





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