Definition and causes

A person suffering from Bulimia nervosa (BN), is characterized by having the following behaviors: They have episodic bingeing, which is out of control, and this attack is followed by vomiting provoked to avoid taking on weight. There are also cases where the person takes advantage of the stool means to lose weight. Often seen this disease associated with anorexia nervosa (AN), but in contrast to the AN, are people who suffer from BN mostly normal powerful, and with most of the girls me

BN is more widespread than RCV, and seen mostly among younger women. There is also provoked vomiting in women who are trying to lose weight but do not suffer from BN.

There are both biological, social and psychological factors that affect the disease. Because antidepressants work on bulimia patients, it is suspected that a defect in the chemical substances in the brain (neurotransmitters) may have an impact. Interest socially, people suffering from bulimia ambition to be thin, and the generally high standards for itself. The family often seen cases of depression and anxiety.

Unlike AN perceive people suffering from BN, spiseanfaldet as a foreign phenomenon and have better insight into their illness. Stress can trigger the drive to a bingeing, and this is considered as a way to trigger an internal stress. After bingeing patient feel shame and provoke a vomiting.

Symptoms of bulimia

By BN seen a tendency to be bingeing, which will be consumed large quantities of food, mostly cakes and the like. This is followed by a provoked vomiting, triggered by hand, and in later stages of the disease can not vomit triggered by pressure from the abdominal muscles alone.

Other features of the BN are:

  • Ætsede teeth and wounds on his back hand because of repeated vomiting.

  • Increased risk for alcohol dependence and other abuses.

  • More emotional instability with greater tendency towards suicide.

  • Depressive tendencies.

Precautions and diagnosis

Seeing Monday friends or family members with the above symptoms, we must confront him with the problem. A person with BN often have greater insight into his own disease than someone with AN, so it is easier to have sought medical in time.

The diagnosis is made by a specialist in psychiatry after lengthy conversations with the patient himself, and the family. Further observed the patient's eating habits at a hospital departments.

Treatment of bulimia

It takes different forms of treatment in use in the BN. But when illness recognition is good, it is usually not necessary with hospitalization.

It uses individual therapy, the patient learns to master his own behavior so that there will be no stressful situations that trigger bingeing. In addition, organized group headed for the patient can share experiences with other patients suffering from the same disease. The family is involved in an attempt to act as a supportive factor in everyday life.

Medikamentel treatment:
There used antidepressant medication, which can alleviate the drive to bingeing, and this type of medicine is particularly effective if it is tendencies to depression.

Select and complications

BN has a better prognosis than the AN, as BN patients have an awareness of their disease and therefore can cooperate in treatment at an early stage. More than 50% are seeing an improvement in the early stages of treatment. Sequels to the treatment varies considerably, so some will experience more severe and other light pathways.

Among the complications include a parallel abuse and malnutrition of the body. This can cause damage to, among other things, heart and kidneys. In cases of serious malnutrition, may be in the worst case triggered an epileptic seizure.



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