Anorexia - to starve themselves of psychological reasons - the refusal to eat, which can lead to significant weight loss, hormonal disorders and in some cases death. Bulimia nervosa is tvangsspiseri followed by self-induced vomiting. The causes of these diseases are not identifiable. It has been speculated in several different explanation models. Some girls with anorexia come from families where they used to eat refusal as a tool to manipulate the environment.

Since the disease rates are increased in the last half of the 1900s, has been assumed that it was due to society's thin beauty ideal. Some girls who go on diet, lose control and begin to starve themselves. Another forklaringsmodel has been that girls are starving themselves to avoid the coming maturation. Although anorektikeren is quite udmarvet, she believes that she is overweight. Bulimia nervosa is sometimes seen as a delsymptom by certain forms of depression.


Anorexia usually begins with the girl loses itself in the normal way, but now she is eating less and less each day. She comes with all sorts of fabricated explanations and keeps stubbornly insisting that her legs and arms are too fat. The less she eats, the less she is hungry. Even though she is thin as a stick, she seems that she is bold and eat very little. Often abusing her large quantities of stools means. It can also happen that she that she fills so much of a sp

A person affected by anorexia is exaggerated energetically and exercise hard to go even more down in weight. She may make huge meals for others while she even starving themselves. Her skin begins slowly becoming yellowish and drained, and now she seems visibly ill. Constipation is common, but whether she has been sluggish stomach or not, she takes large doses bowel movements agent in the belief that she can escape to thicken, if the food passes the digestive system that is generally faster. At a s

Anorexia is fairly common. The disease is commonly with girls, but is also now sometimes among boys. However, it is particularly a problem that belongs to the West. Bulimia nervosa is probably more common than anorexia. Many patients have periods when they move between the compulsion to eat and starve themselves, while others only hit by one form of eating disorders.

A teenager who is trying to keep the weight down by taking stool means or by vomiting can be affected by disturbances in the body fluid and salt balance. Many teenagers have limited periods of excessive diet, but only a small part affected by anorexia. Of those who get it, dying about 5%, mainly by committing suicide because of depression. A small number die because of a secondary infection (due to malnutrition) or desiccation and disturbance in the salt balance. Some

Tvangsspiseri often leads to big financial problems because of the very high cost expenses - costs of food, immediately after the subject up.


If a girl in puberty imaginary, that she is too thick and cultivates an excessive diet, should she be brought to a doctor as soon as possible. It is considerably harder to cure anorexia at an advanced stage. Within a weight loss of more than 12 kg usually not to be so hard to get over the disease, but later be reading in all likelihood, longer and more difficult. When the girl is examined and the doctor believes that she, on the whole are healthy, she can get advice about how she avoids


Also in the early stages treated both anorexia and bulimia most of the specialists. The treatment is very different, but the doctor always speak with the patient about her illness and help her to choose a suitable body weight. They will then agree on what diet is best to go down in weight without risking your health. During hospital stay, she may also psychotherapy, and in part by reading the girl's parents present. The more she speaks openly about his own and family

When the girl is given appropriate weight and have become the physical and mental balance, she will be printed. Before she leaves the hospital, get the family to know how to behavior, and how to detect symptoms, if they would get a new outbreak. The treatment of bulimia is often the same as with anorexia, ie. conversation with a doctor and psychologist, attempting to break the patient's abnormal diet and restore her control of his eating habits. If bulimia occurs as a distinct symptom




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