Almost the entire human body is covered with hair, but most are not visible to the naked eye. Each hårstrå grows from a small indentation in the skin called hårsækken (hårfollikel), and in each follicles found a talgkirtel, which isolates an oily secretions (Tallow), so the skin can be kept flexible. If formed too much fat, and part of it is contained in hårsækken, it can cause an inflammation. The place is hard and can develop into a red pimple or swell to a permanent Filipe

Most teens have a few sudden and acne - mild acne. It is a common problem in puberty, it begins in puberty and ends in late teenage years or in 20 years of age. Sometimes also adults acne. Acne can also be caused by certain types of medication, for example. cortisone preparations or medicine for epilepsy.

That it is precisely young people who suffer from acne, is due to hormone production in the body increases during puberty. This leads to greater excretion of fat, called sebum, the oil glands, for thickening of layers of the skin around the kirtelmundingerne and blocking of exits glands.


Acne occurs usually in the face, but they can also occur in the neck, behind their backs, on the chest, the thighs and sometimes over the arms. If the clamps on filip, the skin can be further damaged, and the risk of infection increase. When a pimple doctor, dolls other up. Every time a pimple heal, leaving a dark stain, however, usually fade away. By inflammation deducted healing process out for several weeks and can sometimes leave visible scars.


More than half of all boys between 14 and 18 have acne to a greater or lesser degree. It is less common in young girls who often get acne around menstruationstidspun ktet. However, it is not common with such severe acne, the emergence of permanent scars. Some type of acne appears to be hereditary, especially if greasy skin is a distinctive feature.

Acne does not affect the general health condition, but many young people can suffer dramatically purely psychological due to the misklædende acne. It is important not to squeeze the sudden in the face, since the area since become infected more easily, and it can lead to permanent scars.


It has acne in the mild form can be satisfied with the simple advice that suggested below to help keep the problem under control. If the condition worsens, one should seek hudlæge. But think about that, even places most noticed pimple, and that other people certainly do not put as much notice them. The black color of a blackhead is not dirt, but the pigment.


There is no doubt prove that what you eat affects filip, but little evidence of an example. fatty foods, chocolate, nuts and cheese gives more exposed skin of many young people. Wash your skin thoroughly twice a day. It opens pores and removes excess surface, which means opper them. The solar ultraviolet radiation has a good effect on acne. Do not squeeze or pill in filip - and above all, never by a pipe immature pimple - it just makes the matter worse. Bad face with specially

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