Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine sidebøjning of backbone, which makes the chest lose its symmetry. Sometimes congenital spine curvature, and occasionally because of the obstacles in normal development, for example. paralysis or weakness in muscles support. Particularly during puberty may spine with no known cause be skewed by a previously completely healthy person. Scoliosis is ten times more common among girls than among boys.


Although spine curvature is negligible, one should consult a doctor. It is important, after which the curvature can quickly deteriorate. Spine curvature can in extreme cases become so pronounced that the space for the lungs are affected. Long before that stage is reached, the development, however rectified with treatment. Scoliosis is evident when seen from behind their backs, while the child will lean forward and then makes up. Scoliosis is usually detected by health checks at school doctor, and one can refer in time




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