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Definition and causes

Svælgkatar is an inflammation of the throat, which can be both acute and chronic. The acute is by far the most frequent and are in most cases, infection with the virus. Acute svælgkatar is often associated with cold , influenza , mononukleose (kyssesyge)or measles . It can also be caused by streptococci bacteria, mycoplasma or chlamydia.


Chronic svælgkatar is a poorly defined condition, as shown by the unpleasant sensation in the throat. The reasons for this are many:

  • Many recurring cases of acute svælgkatar.

  • Reduced luftpassage in the nose, which leads to a breathing through the mouth. This irriteres mucous membranes in the throat.

  • Allergy and the inhalation of dust and irritant gas.

  • Large tobacco or alcohol.

  • It has been stripped of almonds ( tonsillektomi ).

  • Tumour (node or tumor) in the airways or oesophagus.

  • Reduced renal function (see Chronic renal failure and diabetes )often leads slimhindeforandringer in the throat.


Symptoms of svælgkatar


Hovedsymptomet issore throat. It starts with a dry abrasive sensation in the throat and possible. slight fever. Eventually there will be pain by synkning. The pains lindres often, when we sink solid foods. There may be a cough, and you can have mucus in the throat. The lymph nodes under the chin and neck may be enlarged and sore.



Kradsen, burning, stinging, dryness in the throat. Feeling the lump in the neck. There is the urge to clear the throat, cough and harke. Often, the symptoms are worst in the morning.


Precautions and diagnosis

The symptoms of acute svælgkatar recommended taking it with calm and avoid smoking tobacco or stay in the smoke-filled rooms. The pains can lindres of hot drinks. The long-term or severe symptoms should go to his own doctor. This will look down into the neck and possible. grafting to see if the bacteria that cause the disease.


The symptoms of chronic svælgkatar should go to his own doctor so that it may help to identify the cause of the symptoms.


Consideration of svælgkatar

Urgent:The symptoms often disappear by itself in a couple of days. Sengeleje, hot drinks and hovedpinepiller can alleviate the symptoms. If it is bacteria that has triggered svælgkataren, can be treated with antibiotics.


Chronic:Since there are many different causes of chronic svælgkatar, we can not specify a single reading. Important for all types, however, that as far as possible, avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and to clear the throat or cough too much. In addition, treatment is a lægeopgave. Vitamin A tablets can have good effect on some. If there are problems with luftpassagen through the nose, this should be rectified, if any. by the operation. You can also pensle mucous membranes in the throat with various solutions, which in some


Select and complications

Acute svælgkatar is usually over by itself. Chronic svælgkatar is often difficult to get them to disappear, and in many cases, we must get used to living with the inconvenience.







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