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Definition and causes

Inflammation of the larynx orlaryngitisavailable in both an acute (in a few days) and a chronic (more than 3 weeks). The acute typically occurs in the context of cold or influenza and due to infection with bacteria or viruses. However, it may also be due to overwork of voice, smoking or stay in very smoke-filled rooms.

The conduct of the acute inflammation of the larynx is very different in adults and children. Adults get hoarse voice and sore throat, while the disease in children gives false strubehoste That may be more serious because of problems getting air.

The chronic form of laryngitis can be caused by many different things in particular:

  • Many repeated or prolonged particularly acute inflammations of the larynx, nose or sinuses.

  • Large tobacco.

  • Inhalation of irritant gas or dust.

  • Heavy load of voice.

  • Mavesyrerefluks .

  • Or, decreased activity of thyroid .

Symptoms of inflammation of the larynx.

Acute inflammation of the larynx in adults:

  • Rough, abrasive sensation in the throat, giving urge to evacuate.

  • Hæs vote.

  • Sore throat, exacerbated by synkning and talk.

  • Dry cough.

  • Fever, usually only slightly elevated temperature.

  • Possibly. general sygdomsfølelse.

Chronic inflammation of the larynx:

  • Renewable or frequent episodes of hoarseness, most pronounced in the morning.

  • Cough.

  • Constant dry, abrasive sensation in the throat.

  • Need for all the time to vacate.

  • Stemmen udtrættes easy.

Precautions and diagnosis

The symptoms of acute inflammation of the larynx should remain at rest, not to try voice, and avoid smoke. The long-symptoms of inflammation of the larynx should go to his own doctor or specialist in ear-nose and throat diseases, as the symptoms of chronic inflammation of the larynx similar to the symptoms of both benign and malignant tumors of the larynx.

The doctor makes the diagnosis by looking down in the neck with a small, thin telescope. Possibly. inoculated for bacteria or take biopsy (vævsprøve) of mucous membranes.

Treatment of inflammation of the larynx

Acute inflammation of the larynx:

  • Rest.

  • Do not talk too much, sing or shout.

  • No smoking or stay in smoke-filled rooms.

  • Inhalation of kamilleblomst-steam. Pour boiling water over kamilleblomster (or kamillete) and hold their heads over the steam. Please note that the steam may be hot, if you keep your head too close to the water. Possibly. you can keep a towel or towel over his head, so the steam does not spread too much.

  • Hot drinks seems soothing.

  • Possibly. cough syrup.

Chronic inflammation of the larynx
The aim is to treat the operative reason, in order to get peace of the state, and generally should:

  • Avoid smoking.

  • Do not strain the voice, if any. stemmetræning with the speech therapist.

  • Avoid rømmen and cough.

For certain types of chronic inflammation of the larynx, there are small polyps or swelling in or around stemmelæberne. These can be removed by surgery.

Select and complications

An acute inflammation of the larynx is usually over by itself in a couple of days. A chronic, however, will tend to persist, if you do not remove the operative reason. The chronic inflammation of the larynx can also be a prelude to cancer of the larynx (see Tumours of the larynx ).









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