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Definition and causes

Halsbetændelse is a name that is used for an infection of the tonsils (tonsils) and mucous membranes, which is located at the back of the throat. It is a common disease that most often caused by different viral infections, and rarer bacterial infections (usually streptococci ). Halsbetændelse affects mostly children and young people (see sore throat in children ), But also adults have frequent disease.

Halsbetændelse typically seen in the colder months, and there can sometimes be seen less epidemics of virusbetinget sore throat.

Halsbetændelse can also occur as a result of certain other diseases. scarlet fever and mononukleose.

Symptoms of sore throat

By the beginning of sore throat will often have influenza - like symptoms, but in some cases, the symptoms will be very few. The general symptoms are:

  • Synkesmerter.

  • Fever.

  • Raised, red and sore almonds possible. with white coverings.

  • Pain which can jet off to the ears.

  • Raised lymph nodes in the neck.

Precautions and diagnosis

Many viral infections, which can give the sore throat, will usually go down by itself. If you have severe, persistent pain in the neck and a fever, you should consult a doctor to clarify whether it can be sore throat.

The doctor may, by a clinical examination, a blood sample and a graft from the neck to assess whether we should have antibiotic treatment. Pruning is done by the doctor with a swab affect the mucous membranes in the neck, and subsequently examined him for the bacteria. There are currently a rapid test (strep-A test), with reasonable certainty can detect any. bacteria in minutes.

Consideration of a sore throat

Halsbetændelse will often turn itself around after. a week and do not require treatment, if there is a virusbetinget infection.
In the case of sore throat with streptococci, this is usually treated with antibiotics for 10 days.

Select and complications

Halsbetændelse precursor usually without complications and will go down after about. 1 week. In some cases of sore throat with streptokokbakterier is the disease could result middle or sinusitis .

In severe cases, the bacteria form abscesses in the neck, which require a smaller operation. Without treatment for bylderne may, in the worst cases occur blood poisoning .

Rarely can arise kidney (glomerulonefritis) or rheumatic fever 1-2 weeks after a streptokokinfektionen . The latter two cases are not frequent and caused immunforsvarets response to halsbetændelsen.



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