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Definition and causes

Bihulerne are few of air cavity, which is associated with næsehulen. Bihulerne is a catch for pandehulerne, kæbehulerne, kilebenshulerne. With the bihulerne also consult sibens-cells that are small thin-related chambers of sibenet in næsehulens wall. Bihulebetændelse is inflammation of the mucous membranes of one or more sinuses.

Bihulebetændelse seen most often when the passage from the sinus to næsehulen stopped. This is in the context of a cold or influenza , Where the mucous membranes raise up and the passage closeable. Slimhinden in bihulerne almost always affected by cold, but usually they talk only about sinusitis, when the passage of a sinus is closed and / or bihulen infected with the bacteria (a normal virusforårsaget colds may be complicated by a bacterial infection). The transition between colds and sinusitis are fluid.

Infection in kæbehulerne, can also be seen after tandudtrækninger.

Symptoms of sinusitis

The symptoms of sinusitis depend on which or the sinuses, which are affected. The typical symptoms are the following:

  • Trykkende pain. Depending on the infektionsfokus experienced pain in the forehead, between the eyes, under the eyes or in kindbenene (upper).

  • The pains exacerbated by foroverbøjning.

  • Tilstoppet nose and nasal voice.

  • Fever can be seen in heavy infections.

  • Headaches are often associated with inflammation in pandehulerne.

By kæbehulebetændelse seen the pain of the teeth in overmunden, as the nerves to tandrødderne lies in kæbehulebunden.

Precautions and diagnosis

We can do some things themselves to avoid sinusitis or reduce the inconvenience of one. The use of nasal spray that causes mucous membranes to pull together, is very effective. It may be a good idea to use the nasal spray is already an early stage in the context of a cold to avoid the development of sinusitis. By sinusitis can also have good effects of nasal spray, which can often be overcome tillukningen. When tillukningen opened, remove the pressure from bihulerne, and sme

Additionally, you avoid physical activity and avoid strong cold and dry air, as this irritates mucous membranes. Some can be helped by sleeping with the elevation head, for example. using that a few extra pillows.

The diagnosis is usually made on the symptoms, but in rare cases it may be necessary to have an X-ray or CT-scan of bihulerne.

Consideration of sinusitis

Usually, use of nasal spray be sufficient, and bihulebetændelsen will move in itself as the forkølelsen disappear. Possibly. you can do without the use of nasal spray. In the case of a bacterial infection, it may be necessary to antibiotic treatment.

In some cases, severe inflammation of kæbehulerne it may be necessary to make an intervention, which opens the passage to kæbehulen and drain inflammation.

Select and complications

Bihulebetændelse seen, as I said, most often associated with a cold and typically disappear with this, possibly. Little by. Only rarely is it necessary to antibiotic treatment. Before the spread of antibiotics, it happened that a bacterial infection spread to kranieknoglerne, but this is extremely rare now.






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