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Definition and causes

A skewed næseskillevæg will say that the wall between the two nostrils are skewed.

Næseskillevæggen consists of a bruskplade, which is covered with mucous membrane. If bruskpladen become skewed, it will be more in one nostril than in the second. Therefore, luftpassagen be bad in one nostril. If bruskpladen is S-shaped, there may be problems in both nostrils. Often you can not see the mismatch from the outside. A skewed næseskillevæg can be congenital or arise after the blow to the nose.

Symptoms of skewed næseskillevæg

The most prominent symptom of a skewed næseskillevæg established luftpassage in one nostril (perhaps both). This can lead to breathing with the open mouth in order better to get air. When breathing through the mouth, moisten the air is not so good, and you get easier infections as cold , sinusitis and svælgkatar . Many will also headache .

If the nasal septum has been skewed after a blow to the nose, can also be pain and nosebleeds . In some cases, the nose also be skewed when you look at it again.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you have trouble air through one nostril for a long time, frequent colds , bihulebetændelser or svælgkatar , One should go to the doctor or specialist in ear-nose-halssygdomme. The doctor makes the diagnosis by looking into both nostrils, which he keeps open with a special seaweed. Thus, he usually see that the nasal septum is skewed. In each case, you create a CT-scan of the nose .

Treatment of uneven næseskillevæg

A skewed næseskillevæg can be rectified by an operation. There are several different techniques, depending on how the nasal septum is skewed. There are reshaping the operation or moving parts of the ossification of the cartilages or remove smaller pieces of cartilage.

Select and complications

Many have good effects of operation, but in some nasal septum is again skewed after a few years.


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