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Definition and causes

Næsepolypper is udposninger of næseslimhinden, and are seen as pale,smooth, væskefyldte bladders in næsehulen. The only seen in adults and should not be confused with what is called polyps (adenoide vegetationer) in children. It is believed that næsepolypper occurs as a complication of chronic irritations and inflammatory in the nose and sinuses. Næsepolypperne formed in sibenscellerne, as the air cavity that is part of bihulerne (see also Bihulebetændelse (sinusitis) ).

Symptoms of næsepolypper

  • Current nose, which often has been going on for many years.

  • Reduced passage of air into the nose. Possibly. that we simply can not breathe through his nose.

  • Nasal voice: It sounds as if you are very cold.

  • Impaired sense of smell (anosmi).

  • Symptoms of sinusitis.

  • Store næsepolypper can possibly. see inside the nose or stinging in the nose.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you are experiencing the above symptoms, you should go to his own doctor or a practitioner specialist in ear-nose and throat diseases. The doctor makes the diagnosis by looking up into the nose with a small telescope, which he can see næsepolypperne. Possibly. can be created one CT-scan to find out how widespread næsepolypperne is.

Consideration of næsepolypper

Næsepolypper can be removed surgically. Often it is sufficient with a local anaesthetic, which næsepolypperne can be removed with a special polypslynge. After the surgery are often given binyrebarkhormon as tablets in a short period and as nasal spray for a longer period. This is given to avoid næsepolypperne come back.

In particularly severe cases, and if næsepolypperne repeatedly return, it may be necessary to remove sibenscellerne.

Select and complications

After removal of næsepolypper you get back luftpassage in the nose, normal voice and smell are usually also normal again. However, there is a risk that næsepolypperne come back.





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