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Definition of late birth

Normal pregnancy is 40 weeks goods. The baby is born before the end of the 37th week, it would be premature birth. Is it is not born by the end of the 42nd week, is over-borne pregnancy or prolonged pregnancy (graviditas prolongata).

Treatment of late birth

The treatment is the starting of birth. This is done primarily by giving the woman a vaginal stikpille that contains a substance which ripen the cervix. You may want. complete with an artificial hormone that stimulates the uterus to pull together, and thus induce labor pains. Moreover, one can consider skin burst, ie. Monday fosterhinderne break.

Until the launch takes place, may woman and fetus are monitored by kardiotokografi.

Complications of late birth

The risk of birth of late is that the fetus size means that it has a need for blood supply that exceeds parent pie capacity, which can lead to oxygen depletion in the fetus. In addition, there is a risk of renewed birth, because the child's size. The risk of triggering the birth is that there is a possibility that the womb can not be low enough labor pains, because of its immaturity.

It is estimated that the risk of starting of births before the end of the 41st week is greater than the risks of natural to a child up to 7 days of termination. However, there is nothing to suggest that the risk of complications during natural childbirth is something bigger from the beginning of the 42nd week. For this reason, set the threshold for starting at the end of the 41st gestation week.



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