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Definition and causes

Fetal death is defined by the death of the fetus after 22 gestation week. Before 22 week is defined as fetal death abortion. This limit was changed in 2004 from 28 week. The aim is assessed that there now exists great potential to handle even very premature births.

There are several reasons why a birth can not be maintained. This can be:

  • Slow growth in the fetus (IUGR).

  • Severe congenital malformations.

  • Conciliation Degressive placenta (placenta praevia).

  • For early settlement of the uterus (Abruptio placenta).

  • Umbilical cords Complications like. cord until fall, when the umbilical cord passes in whole or in part, through the cervix and thus afklemmes whereby blood supply to the fetus is reduced. It can also be choking in the umbilical cord.

  • Diabetes (Diabetes mellitus) with their mothers.

In about. 20% of cases does not, however, the cause of fetal death.

Symptoms of fetal death

The main symptom is that the woman suddenly feel less life.

Precautions and diagnosis

If the woman feels less life, she should seek medical advice. This could lead to her ultrasound scanned, and that mother and fetus are monitored with kardiotokografi.

Treatment of fetal death

Treatment consists of, as soon as possible, to feed the dead fetus, since it may be extremely difficult for the woman to walk around with the great psychological pressure associated with carrying her dead child.

Complications of fetal death

If the fetus is not born, and especially if the fetus water is gone, there is a risk of infection, and at worst, blood poisoning (sepsis) and the woman's death.

It is important that subsequent search mental support, since a death birth can be no more burdensome for women than abortion. Especially if the cause is not known.



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