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Definition and causes

Bleeding before birth can be of different origin, but is it before 28 gestation week may indicate an impending spontaneous abortion. In the later part of pregnancy can be caused settlements bleeds breathtaking placenta (placentra praevia) or placenta solution (Abruptio placenta).

Precautions and diagnosis

All women who experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy should consult a doctor. This will create a gynecological examination and possible. ultrasound study, which (depending on fetal age) when appropriate, through the vagina.

Often, the bleeding will lead to hospitalization, especially if the woman is in late pregnancy when the mother and child can then be monitored, if necessary. with kardiotokografi.

Treatment of bleeding during pregnancy

If bleeding caused by an incomplete abortion, a udskrabning or medical abortion be reading.

Are there large blood loss, will ensure the survival of maternal possible. blood be the doctor's primary task.

If the fetus is alive, and bleeding occurs late in pregnancy, it may. born by caesarean section.




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