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Definition and causes

Conciliation Degressive placenta (placenta praevia) Is a condition in which the placenta is sits in the lower part of the uterus, and possibly. totally or partially cover the internal opening of the cervix.

The mode can provide the bleeding, then the lower part of the uterus does not support the placenta as well. If the placenta, which is a very velgennemblødt body, thus escaping his anchor one or more locations on the inside of the uterus, there can be torrential bleeding.

In addition, the robust placenta when it is in the bottom of the womb, could prevent the child from taking the correct position in the womb before birth. Covers over the internal opening of the cervix, the child will not be able to pass.

Symptoms of conciliation breathtaking placenta

If there are symptoms, they are usually bleeding without pain. However, it is only about 1 / 3, which has symptoms.

Precautions and diagnosis

You should always consult a doctor if there is bleeding in pregnancy. The diagnosis settlements declining placenta made by ultrasound, and most also discovered by chance during routine scans.

Most cases of randomly discovered settlements declining placenta is negligible for the pregnancy. This is because the uterus has an uneven growth, which means that the placenta will move further up during pregnancy. Thus, only approximately. 10% of the ultrasound diagnosed cases develop into a settlement breathtaking placenta, which we need to act.

Sexual intercourse is not recommended in late pregnancy in women with conciliation breathtaking placenta, because it can cause bleeding.

Treatment of conciliation breathtaking placenta

There is no treatment for the condition. You can not move the placenta. Therefore performed Caesarean before termination (2-3 weeks before the termination date).

Select and complications

As mentioned most common complication is bleeding. If we do not act on the state, and choose to birth naturally, there will be a high risk that the child is in the wrong fetal position, which in itself gives a cumbersome and in the worst cases life-threatening birth (because of bleeding in the mother and strangulation of the child ). In addition, parent pie location above or around the internal opening of the cervix lead to failures of the placenta, with subsequent excessive bleeding.



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