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The two male gonads, testicles, developed into embryonic state in the belly of the fetus before birth and migrates through the canal into the groinwallets. (See also Kryptorkisme when the testicles do not migrate into the pockets in the normal way.) Each testicle is associated with abdominal cavity through sædstrengen, which consists of sædlederen and blood vessels and nerves.

Testicular sperm form, which continued to bitestiklerne when they ripen in the course of approximately 3 weeks. Bitestiklerne consists of winding corridors and stuck on the back testicles. The mature sperm passed through sædlederne to sædblærerne, where the waiting to be emptied out by a sædafgang. If there are no sædafgang, degraded sperm little by little, and their components absorbed by the body.

The underlying articles relating diseases in the testicles, bitestiklerne and wallets. In sædstrengen appears no specific disease states.

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