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Definition and causes

Bitestiklerne sits in the purse next to the testicles (see testicles and wallets). Bitestikelbetændelse mostly due to a bacterial infection in bitestiklen where germs are horizontally backwards up through the urethra and sædlederen. In men under 35 years are the most frequent causes gonoré and chlamydia. In men over 35 years is the reason most often closing the urinary tract, for example. as a result of enlarged prostate. Here inflammation (inflammation) due to chemical exposure and presence of bacteria

Symptoms of bitestikelbetændelse

  • Gradual onset of pain in one side of the purse, with swelling, redness and warmth.

  • Fever.

  • Painful urination, and possibly. Other symptoms of urinrørsbetændelse, ie. redness around urinrørsåbningen the penis, and yellowish or clear vaginal discharge.

Precautions and diagnosis

It is important to quickly go to the doctor of the above symptoms, then there must be swift treatment to prevent any serious complications.
With a cotton swab wiped slightly secretions from the inside of the urethra, which are investigated gonoré and chlamydia bacteria, using microscopy and crop. There can also be made an ultrasonic examination of the purse, which can be seen any. closed and inflamed bitestikel.

Treatment of bitestikelbetændelse

The treatment is antibiotics for some time, until there was improvement of symptoms. If signs of urinary retention are often made further studies to clarify any. underlying disease.

Select and complications

Sequels are often lengthy, and antibiotic treatment are often necessary in 1-2 weeks, possibly. longer.

After a bitestikelbetændelse can in rare cases cause infertility. If the bacteria form an abscess, which required surgical treatment of discharge of pus. By the involvement of the testes may at worst be a need for unilateral throw ration.



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