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Each testicle is surrounded by a double hindesæk and is hanging in sædstrengen, so testicles and hindesækkens internal walls are moving relative to the outer wall.

Hindesækkens two layers lubricated by a small amount of liquid in order to facilitate sliding against each other. Hindelang sac ends usually close around the testes and should not be confused with the purse, which is a major hudsæk in which the testicles hang.

Testes sit together with membranous bag firmly in sædstrengen. For some men may have poke skin lax and too big, so testicles are considerably more mobile than normal and can wriggle inside the membrane sac. Such leads kink that sædstrengen twist, and in severe cases, the vein that runs through sædstrengen, afsnøres, so the blood can not flow away from the testicles. Testes raise up and then pain. Testes may swerve at any time, even when asleep.

Damage to the testicles

Damage to the testicles provides dramatic pain. If pain relieved gradually and disappear within an hour, it can be assumed that the testicles have not seen any severe damage.

Persistent pain, visible damage, for example. ulcers or swelling, suggesting instead on internal bleeding, and they should therefore immediately contact the physician.

If the condition is not treated, can cause permanent damage in the testes. After surgery is usually healthy in a couple of weeks.


Pain in the testicles are quite suddenly, and the purse will be increased, red and sore to the touch. Pain intensity varies and can be so strong that it leads to nausea and vomiting. In many cases, cord testicles up again by itself, and the pain and swelling disappears immediately.


Testikelsnoning is quite unusual. The disease is commonly in adolescence, but can occur anytime, even in childhood.

If the testes do not regain its normal position spontaneously, or if not treated, the degraded blood supply to the testicles results in damage to its tissue, and tissue can die. This may reduce fertility. Sperm can still be produced by the other testicle.


Although testikelsnoningen righted itself, should consult a doctor and have it investigated. Pain after an injury, inflammation or cancer can sometimes cause similar symptoms, and therefore it is important to investigate the cause of the problems. Is testicles twisted, the doctor gently trying to nudge the back of his right hire. Genes are disappearing, but the risk of relapse is high.

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