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Bugspytskirtlen, in Latinpancreatic, Is an elongated gland, located in the upper part of the stomach (belly). It lies behind the stomach and adjacent to the gut.

Glands are predominantly two functions in the body.
99% of the glands produces digestive enzymes and pancreassaft, assembled in an export corridor which culminates in the gut. Pancreassaften degrades in cooperation with the bile from the liver fats, sugars and proteins that come from the stomach. It means that the intestine can better absorb nutrients.
At the same time, the juice is alkaline, which neutralizes the acid from the stomach. (See Digestive agencies.

The final percentage of bugspytskirtlen consists of hormone-producing tissues. These are small islands of cells (calledLangerhans islands), Which are scattered in kirtelvævet. The cells in it produces hormones that regulate the body's blood sugar balance. The key isinsulinandglucagon.
The sugar (glucose) is the body's main source of energy, and it is important for the body, the blood sugar level is within a certain range.

Insulin is a hormone which increases the sugar included in the cells, including in muscle cells by sport or hard work, and liver cells in the rest, where sugar is stored in depots. Insulin inhibits the corresponding release of sugar from sugar existing depots in the liver. Overall, the insulin, then withdraws sugar from the bloodstream into the tissues, causing the blood sugar level falls. Insulin also has the effect of proteinopbyggelse, and inhibit fat and protein depletion. A frequent disease in bugspytskirtlen is

The second of the two sugar-regulating hormone in bugspytskirtlen called glucagon. It has in many ways the opposite effect of insulin.
It increases blood sugar by stimulating the liver to release its sugar depots, but glucagon also stimulates the release of insulin, so the increased sugar in the blood may be placed in other cells. Glucagon can be used in the treatment of diabetes patients, if they have very low blood sugar.

In bugspytskirtlen also produced hormones that have an impact on inter alia gut movement and blood vessel contraction.



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