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A natural contact will initially be sundhedsplejersken, which is the overriding person for many families, but also cooperation partners to day, school and medical practitioners, or seek contact with the doctor.


A good idea is that the child with his parents leads afføringsdagbog over a 2-3 week period,

Before the first visit to the doctor. Here noted;

  • When there are stools in the pants / diaper or to the toilet?

  • Is the child afføringstrang?

  • What activity was the child in time to when there were stools in the pants / diaper?

You can make a hjemmetest on transporthastigheden how long food has to come from foot to bottom, that is, for it comes out with the stools. It made by the child eating a majskerne, and parents looking for when it comes out with the stools.


What to ask your doctor about?

  • Has the child been renligt and when?

  •  When the problem started?

  •  How do the stools out, smell, quantity, blood or mucus?

  • Afføringshyppighed?

  •  pain in the stools and the departure of lufttarm

  •  Where the child afføringstrang?

  •  Toiletvaner.

  •  Appetit, diet, height and weight.

  •  Hudproblemer, munity legislation by Rectum.

  • Afføringsmidler, medicine.

  • Vandladningsproblemer, if any. urine.

  •  Disease.

  • Socially.



  • General medical examination.

  •  If the doctor deems a need for it, refer the child to a pediatrician or børneafdeling or one of the Specialized located in the country.

  • There may be further study, such asX-ray of the abdomen, transporthastigheden through the gut, trykmålings and refleksundersøgelse of lukkemusklen, tissue samples from endetarmen.




"Children and incontinence" - Kontinensforeningen


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