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Being wet the bed at night and / or wet himself on the day is a major problem, both socially and practically. There are tools which can improve the quality of life and making life easier for children and parents.

It is important to spend some time to find the right tool for each child, because the needs are very individual. Ask questions such as:

  • How big is the problem for the child?

  • Is the problem greatest in school or leisure?

  • Is there some activities of the child appears not to participate in because of inkontinensen?

  • Is it only when the child is away from home?

  • What can the child handle and accept?

  • What seems parents can help?

Objective assessment of the magnitude of the problem by means of vandladningsskema and blevejningstest. These are some of the considerations we must make to find the right tool.

What is on the Danish market?

Vaskbare underpants with a speech which can suck around. 120-15 ml of urine, depending on the size. They exist in both a girl and a drengemodel. These can be used by daginkontinente children, to avoid being wet through to yderbukserne, avoid bad smells and drop to change pants. They are similar to general briefs and can be used if the child is not leaking more than trussen can soak in a day.

Bindene is designed to absorb urine, and is therefore better for the purpose than the towel. They are available in many sizes, faconer and with different sugeevne. They can be used if it is necessary to skfite during the day, and the child can easily switch itself. At the same time, it can be used in special situations where the child becomes wet. Binding shaped as a hollow bowl before the ilægges trusserne, not to sit too loose.

Available in many sizes and faconer, with tape of the page and bukseble. They are also available for children over six years. (30-60 kg), or adult size small.

Loud absorbent surface to the bed, which absorb the urine, so the child does not feel there is bådt. At the same time protects the substrate and the mattress.

Åndbare cover the mattress, quilt and pillow protect, in order to avoid wet dyner. Also use allergies.

Watches are set to beep or vibrate at certain times. Used as a help for children who will train fixed toilettider and klokkeslætsvandladning.

Alarm / ringeapparat:
It is not a tool, but an apparatus used in the treatment of nattevæderi. There must be thorough instruction, before starting treatment. Appliances are available both as a sheet with the added feel and with alarmapparat beside the beds, and as kropsbårne apparatus with a sensor in the underbukserne and a beep on the shoulder.

By afføringsinkontinens may prop used. For children with urinary possibly more difficult because of congenital defects, there are catheters, uridomer and bags. For children with afføringsinkontinens are remider to udtømningsregimer. Information on applying can be obtained at the specialised child is assigned.

How do you get means?

General nappies and inkontinensbind available in most supermarkets, Matas and Pharmacies have a wider choice. The other tools available either through dealers or hjælpemiddelcentraler, it is very dependent on where you live.

On the telephone lines to advise on børneinkontinens informed dealers in the more specific things.

Examples of children who have been helped

Inkontinenstrusser can be a help for a child with frequent vandladningstrang and incontinence or fear of it. The child can relax in the school and use energy in the learning process and focus on other than to be confined. It avoids feeling wet and being cold.

Natble can give a child a wet one to two times. night and the cold wet bedding a quieter night and better sleep. At the same time, you can avoid washing of bedding every day.


"Children and incontinence" - Kontinensforeningen


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