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Definition and causes

Reyes syndrome is a very rare serious childhood. It affects children who are about to be healthy after an infection of the airways, chickenpox or influenza . Abnormal amounts of fat begins to accumulate in the liver and other organs, with the pressure in the brain is growing rapidly, with the risk of major damage in the brain and liver.

The cause of Reyes syndrome is not known, but we believe that the risk of developing Reyes syndrome is increased if a child with fever will acetylsalicylsyrepræparater (aspirin, kodymagnyl, magnyl, hjertemagnyl, treo). Reyes syndrome can be fatal if the child does not come under treatment immediately.

Symptoms and complications of Reyes syndrome

Reyes syndrome occurs when the child suddenly starts throwing up violently, sløvt, tired, irritabelt and find it difficult to orient themselves. As the pressure in the brain increases, the symptoms become worse with convulsions, coma and vejrtrækningsstop. Reyes syndrome is not infectious.

Treatment and prevention of Reyes syndrome

As prevention is the most important is that children under the age of 15 do not receive aspirin (aspirin, kodimagnyl, magnyl, hjertemagnyl, treo) as a pain killer, instead, paracetamol (pamol, pinex, panodil mm.) Used.

It is also important to respond to the first signs in the child. If a child who is about to come after. chickenpox, suddenly begins to throw violently up and become apathetic, we immediately react.

The treatment at a hospital's intensive-section, where there is the possibility to monitor the child closely. The principle of treatment is to get the pressure in the brain down to normal levels and restore salt and water in the body. If the pressure does not come with medical treatment, it may be necessary to operate.

The disease is extremely rare and unprecedented in Denmark.

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