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The child's learning is primarily dependent on the assumptions, it is born with. The conditions for a normal learning is child's intellect, a normal function of the senses and mental development.

Regular surveys of children (sundhedsplejersken and doctor) are important to detect any problems with the senses and the child's physical and mental development (see Udviklingsstadier ) And You see and hear the child normally? .

However, it is not always the parents, doctor or sundhedsplejersken can detect any learning difficulties. It may be that the problems first is reflected in the school where the learning process is intensive.

If you suspect that a child has learning difficulties, carried out a thorough investigation regardless of the child's age and stage of development. Here disclosed any reasons for learning difficulties.

Below are described briefly the problems that can cause learning problems. It isintelligensniveau, speech and hearing impairment, visual and Dyslexia.

Children with low intelligence

One of the major causes of learning that the child has low intelligence and find it difficult to understand and use its experience.
Children with psychological and mental disorders as ADHD, ADHD and autism typically have learning, perhaps not because of low intelligence, but often it's because a lack of maintenance of attention.

When we discover the problem, should be launched to an action plan in cooperation with teachers and parents that will come up with a undervisningsalternativ, which can be fruitful for the child.

Speech-and hearing impairment

Taleevnens and language development, is subject to the child can hear normally. It is important for the language that the child can distinguish tonegangen between each word. With the child begins to imitate the words by using the mouth and throat, and start talking.
If the child begins to speak late in relation to the normal development , Or they as parents believe that the child falls ill, one should go to the doctor. Any hørefejl can usually be treated by a specialist and speech can be addressed with the help of a speech therapist.


Learning can be difficult if the child can not see normally. Typically, synsproblemerne caused by myopia , whatever and cataract .

The underlying øjensygdommene can be treated in a specialist, but it is also important to stimulate the child's vision by example. to look at pictures and talk about them.

Ordblindhed (Dysleksi)

Ordblindhed, dyslexia, a condition which is characterized by the fact that the child despite normal intelligence have difficulty in reading and writing. It is a congenital disturbance in the ability to process, interpret and use the letters and ordsymboler. It is most drengebørn, hit, and there is some arvemæssig light to the disease.

Symptoms of learning

The symptoms often first expressed in the school when the child should move from spelling through to read the entire sentences. Many of the children can not distinguish between characters, which sounds almost identical, for example. g, k, d, t or y and in. Sometimes, children can not distinguish between letters, which formally similar.

When a child is suspected of Dyslexia, it has to be examined by a doctor. A thorough ophthalmic made in øjenlægen to see if there may be other reasons for the child's poor reading and writing.
If we have excluded all other causes, we can implement the treatment, which is an educational and psychological help for the child. Cooperation between skolelægen, øjenlægen and the child's teachers is important. The results are good.

For more information, see the articles: Ordblindhed and What is Dyslexia? (of Ordblindeforeningen).



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