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Definition and causes

Aexternal herniabelly defined as a congenital or acquired abnormal advance of the underlying peritoneum through a weak place in the abdominal wall. This place is called weak hernia port. Peritoneum is a two-sheet membrane which lies between some of the gastric and bækkenets organs and abdominal wall. Abdominal wall is composed of several layers of muscles, which have different direction process, and creating a stable support for public agencies. This advance of the peritoneum can contain other structures such as. adipose tissue or

An internal hernia may also occur, for example. spiserørsbrok

Some types of hernia can be congenital. The congenital hernia can, for example. be umbilical hernia or indirectly lyskebrok where you are born with weaknesses in the navel or groin.

Examples of acquired (ie non-inherited) hernia is the direct lyskebrok or arbrok where, for example. a operationssår heal poorly and become a weak point in the abdominal wall

75% of all hernia is lyskehernier, and these frameworks more often men than women.
The reason for hernia formation is a high pressure in the abdominal cavity, thus resulting in increased pressure on the weak points in the abdominal wall. The increased pressure occurs when muscles in the abdominal wall buckles, thereby pushing bodies into the abdominal cavity together, for example. seen by coughing. The causes of high pressure in the abdominal cavity may include, be as follows:

  • Chronic constipation, which is very bloated stomach for longer periods.

  • Chronic bronchitis, which hosts much and thus burdening the abdominal cavity with repeated pressure increases.

  • Enlarged prostate, which is forced to push harder to urinate.

  • Colon cancer, where the intestine becomes constipation and thus expands.

  • Obesity, which requires a greater stretch stress of the abdominal wall.

  • Fluid in the stomach peritoneum (ascites) helps to stretch the abdominal wall. This is visible in by liver diseases.

Symptoms of hernia

By hernia is witnessing a udposning skin of bungling the gate. In most cases, scrappy developing a longer period, and there may be signs such as:

  • Tendernessandgravitational sensation.

There may be increased soreness in connection with the heavy lifting.

Often, hernia sliding into place in the supine position where the load on the abdominal wall is less. These cases of hernia is called a reponibelt hernia. If the hernia is not sliding into place in the supine position or can not be pushed into place, called it a irreponibelt hernia. This type is often more sore.

In the event that scrappy become stuck inside, and the blood supply to the scrappy blocked, they talk about a inkarcereret hernia. This is developing very rapidly and are characterized by:

  • Strong pain around hernia port.

  • Hernia will be tense.

  • There can be red / bluish discoloration around scrappy.

  • Vomiting, if the intestine is squeezed by.

Precautions and diagnosis

Looking signs of udposning in the stomach or groin region, which does not go away by itself in the course of a week or so, you should consult a doctor. If udposning are marked by great pain, you should immediately seek medical attention.

The doctor will use one clinical trial, as well as information about known diseases, to observe whether there is hernia.

Treatment of hernia

One voter in most cases running a hernia, if it is sore and annoying. The operation takes place mostly in local anesthetic and is to indsy a network of artificial tissues of the weakness in the abdominal wall. At the same time strengthened and narrow hernia port. Sometimes hernia contents pressed back, and other times cut it away if it is grown.

Select and complications

After having implanted a network, it is only in very few cases, the scrappy come again. The treatment is here to indsy yet another network. A few days after an operation, we must lift normally and resume his duties.

By containment pinched hernia is a risk of developing peritonitis and vævsdød why it is very important to contact the doctor of great pain about scrappy.






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