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Definition and causes

A hernia is defined as a congenital or acquired abnormal advance of the underlying peritoneum through a weak place in the abdominal wall (see hernia).

Groin scrappy
Lyskebrok seen just above the groin and the band split up in the indirect (through the groin canal) and directly (through the abdominal wall). In the fetal testis brought into the abdominal cavity, where they migrate through the groin canal and down in the purse. Groin canal is tilted through the process of bugens muscles and usually shuts down by a kind of folding mechanism. Presses a hernia anyway through the survivors opening to the channel, called the indirect lyskebrok. A congenital lyskebrok among boys is always an indirect hernia. Scrappy can

The indirect hernia is about. 66% of all hernia, and is more frequent among men than women. In children seen it before 5 years of age.

The direct lyskebrok pressed directly through a weak place in the groin channel back wall and not through the original opening of the abdominal cavity. This hernia-type seen in people with weakened abdominal muscles, typically in older men and are thus not innate. In 20% of cases, both the indirect and direct hernia.

Lårbrok seen that bump up during groin band completely opadtil in front of the thigh and is about. 33% of bungling cases in women and only a few percent in men. Lårbrokket typically seen in overweight women.

Symptoms of lyskebrok

By lyskebrok seen a frembuling of groin band. It is hard to distinguish whether frembulingen due to indirect or direct hernia. The symptoms will show up as:

  • Tenderness and feeling heaviness.

  • Frembuling by coughing.

  • When young children are frembuling by crying.

  • By inkarcereret hernia, (see hernia) can cause pain, redness and vomiting.

By lårbrok it may be difficult to see frembulingen groin during the tape because it often occurs in overweight women. Symptoms can feel like:

  • Stabbing pain when you cough or lift heavy objects.

Precautions and diagnosis

Have we seen a frembuling of skin in the groin region, especially during the lifting, coughing or crying (please note by young children), one should seek out a doctor who will do a clinical study. Scrappy disappear when you lie down, the scrappy reponibelt. Scrappy does not disappear when lying down, there may be a risk of scrappy inkarcererer, which is a more painful and serious situation.

Treatment of lyskebrok

Have we lyskebrok with problematic symptoms, you can choose to operate, which in most situations taking place in a local anesthetic. In children we often simply by removing the hernia sac (hernia contents), and adults can also indsys a kunstofnet to reinforce the abdominal wall, with hernial port stitched.

By lårbrok sys hernia gate together, and a kunstofnet. This can be done through a telescope operation, which is a more gentle type of tissue.

Select and complications

After an operation can work and commitment usually after a few days.
Has it been indsyet a kunstofnet after a lyskebrok, the risk of getting around relapse. 2-3%. As this occurs, you can indsy another kunststofnet, and this might be. done through a telescope operation.







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