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Definition and causes

A hernia (hernia) is defined as a congenital or acquired abnormal fremposning of the underlying peritoneum, through a weak place in the abdominal wall. Scrappy may contain fat or a piece of intestine.

Ventralhernier is an overall term for hernia, which penetrates weak points in front and on the side of the abdomen (see also the general article: Brok), often due to increased pressure in the stomach. It must include the following types of hernia of the abdominal wall:

  • Arbrok (hernia insicionalis).

  • Heel Brok (hernia umbilicalis).

  • Amid Line Brok / Linea alba-hernia (hernia epigastrica).

Arbrokoccurs after 5-10% of operations in the stomach and is seen especially in vertical incision through the skin. Arbrokket typically occurs after a defect in the operation scar or an inflammation of the wound. Do we have the tendency to cough (eg. In chronic bronchitis), is overweight or malnourished, increasing the risk of developing arbrok. You can reinforce scarred by indsy a kunststofnet laparoscopic (through a telescope operation), but it is very weakened, forgets operation, unless there is strong pain. You see

Heel Brokdivided into congenital and voksenhernie.

The congenital hernia seen in 5% of infants, and scrappy pressing directly out through the navel when the baby cries. When the child relaxes, slipping scrappy in place by itself (scrappy can response). It feels like a hole (an area where the skin giving way, when you press it against the abdomen) in the navel, which can vary from a few millimeters up to 1 cm. Normally, the hole close by itself within the first year of life, and an operation will only be considered if the hole is still here after 3 years or inkarcererer (see

Hernia linea alba: Linea alba is a last ribe which extends into the central line from the lower part of the sternum to the pubic bone, and lies between the 2 vertical transient abs. If there are a weakening of tendon, the underlying fat bump up as scrap, and this is typically somewhere between the sternal tip and navel. Scrappy is often quite small, but despite this there is often considerable pain associated with scrappy, as there are afklemt adipose tissue in the opening.

This type of hernia is more common in men than in women.

Measures taken by the abdominal wall hernia

Seeing a udbulende hernia in the middle part of the stomach, not continued again, we should observe that in a few weeks. Is scrappy renewable, and does it hurt, you can go to the doctor who can assess whether the case requires a small operation or not.

Requires scrappy treatment, you can at a small surgical procedure cut the fat away, which is stuck in the slot. Then the opening stitched together, and the little intervention as a rule do not give rise to complications.




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