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At times it may be necessary to put the birth started. This may be before the termination if it is deemed to be the best for the fetus (such as. By twin pregnancies), or because the woman moved forward, and the risk for late birth, including because of fetal size, means that you are interested in starting birth. This can be done by introducing a stikpille in the vagina that causes the cervix to open up, or by setting up a drip with an artificial hormone, which is usually an


The high pressure that the child's head engaged in the woman's vagina and mellemkød, can lead to the rupture and in some cases, anal duct sealing muscle or the muscle at the urethra be damaged. This tries to avoid by creating a controlled style, aepisiotomy. This implies a cut in between the meat and the lower part of the vagina, so there is more room for the child's head, and a spontaneous flaw avoided. I usually do it with a local anesthetic, or while the woman inhale nitrous oxide. Subsequently, there may be some genes from the area due to wires, and there may be itching from the wound.


It may be necessary to assist in a quicker birth using a suction cup. This affixed through the woman's vagina on the child's head, and inflicted a vacuum suction cup. Then fertility doctor with a quiet, solid features help to the passage through the birth canal. Suction cup used, for example. by lack of progress in birth, to reduce mother whose child is threatened by asfyksi or if there is wrong fetal position. Subsequently, the child will often have an accumulation of the head where

Birth Tang

Orforcepscan be used where it is not possible to use a suction cup, for example, whose head has not yet been rotated in the birth canal, or if the child comes out with lower body first, instead of their heads. Tangen consists of two bar spoons, introduced individually and then put together.


Caesarean is either planned (elektivt) or acute. Planned caesarean section is notably by multiple gestations, the mother's wishes, or if there are other factors that natural birth enddog inappropriate or dangerous. This could include settlements declining placenta or wrong fetal position.

The emergency caesarean section performed on women, which is planned natural birth, where the parent or child is suddenly in danger. For example, this may result placenta solution or pregnancy poisoning. Surgery performed on a opertionsgang, either in full anesthesia or by rygmarvsbedøvelse (spinal analgesia or evolution analgesia). First, put a cut in the abdomen and then to open the womb and redeemer child through them. Subsequently sewn uterus and abdominal wall together again.





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