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The pregnant own preparations

While the major changes in the female body is, it is important that she is preparing for the impending birth. This is partly be the setting for it to be a parent, and more tangible things, such as where she will feed (home, clinic, hospital), and how it should be. Would she, for example. a birth in water, as some sites offer, it must be at a fertility clinic, where there is no possibility of painkillers other than nitrous oxide. Or she might want. a Caesarean.

In 2002, the conceptmaternalrequestThat of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (birth doctors) are perceived as a desire for caesarean section, when "there is no reason to advise against vaginal birth", Ie. There is no medical reason for not giving birth naturally. Legislation in this area is not entirely clear, because it legally can not impose a patient a particular treatment, but patients do not have the right to require any specific form of treatment . It is also debatable whether the birth is a treatment, because pregnancy is not a disease.

Often it is interpreted as meaning that the woman can ask for caesarean section, and if there is no specific reason for it is not recommended, so will her wish has been granted. The rule advises, however, natural birth, as the general perception is that it is healthier for the child, with stress on a normal birth improves the child's vejtrækning.

Physician and earth mother roles

With the fødelsforberedelserne also includes a woman's own doctor and mother earth svangreomsorg, which goes to support women's and family for the best possible scenario through pregnancy and efrterbyrdsperiode. This involves the doctor's part, 3 consultations before birth and after 2. Midwife has usually 9 consultations before birth, there may be individual or in groups, after which the healthcare provider takes over.

The doctor creates pregnancy journal, which contains general information about the mother and her health condition, including other ailments and medicinforbrug, smoking, alcohol and possibly. substance abuse. In addition, general parameters such as weight, height, blood pressure and more. Furthermore, there will be blood tests including To ensure the woman's blood and risk of rhesusimmunisering and urine samples. There can also be sampled for various sexually transmitted diseases, which could be in danger of infection with the child during

The doctor also create hiking journal, which follows the pregnant, and through which communication between doctors and midwives and healthcare happening. It is also noted the standard information that any medical disorders and the general parameters such as weight, blood pressure and more. Which will be recorded at each visit. Moreover, information about the desire of birth, birth, and pain, and descriptions of the ultrasound findings, which are found in the general fetal scans.

Midwife Noting the woman's resources, as an estimate for how she believes the woman will be able to cope with pregnancy. In recent consultations, she will also look at the estimate, she makes the embryo sizes, to feel the woman's stomach.




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