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Definition and causes

Inflammation of the prostate seen in an acute form, caused by bacterial infection, and the symptoms are pronounced. In addition, is also a chronic form, which rarely cause is a bacterial infection, and when symptoms appear in milder form. Prostate inflammation typically seen in the context of urinary tract infections or sexually transmitted diseases.

Prostatitis framework most men between 30-50 years who have unprotected sex with multiple partners. There is no evidence that genetic factors play a role in the development of prostatitis.

Symptoms of prostate inflammation

Byacute prostatitisseen the symptoms that develop quickly and be serious. There is the following symptoms:

  • Fever and chills.

  • Pain at the root of the penis and in the lumbar region.

  • Frequent, sudden and painful urination.

  • There may be urinary retention (difficulty in getting rid of the urine).

Bychronic forms of prostatitisses are scarce symptoms, and if they do, they develop gradually and be seen as:

  • Pain and tenderness at the root of the penis, the testicles, in the basin and in the lumbar region.

  • Pain at ejaculation and / or blood in the semen.

  • Frequent urination with pain / stinging.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you suspect prostatitis due to the above symptoms should immediately contact their own doctor. Here, your doctor will feel the prostate with a gloved finger through the anus. In the study, the size, consistency and ømheden of prostate be judged. At the same time you can rub prostate, and in this way can we push prostatasekret into urethra and get a sekretprøve to study. Similarly, we must submit a urine specimen in a glass. Both urine and sekretprøven will be tested for in

In the event that the doctor suspects the presence of an abscess (boil), you can make an ultrasound scan of the prostate to have shown prostate.

Treatment of prostate inflammation

In the case of prostatitis caused by a bacterial infection, you are treated with antibiotics, which affects the specific bacteria. In normal cases, improve the state within weeks, but in rare cases, symptoms can last months. This is because the bacteria are located in areas that can not be achieved by antibiotics. During this period can be supplemented with analgesic medication and stool funds, which facilitates intestinal passage and thus bowel movements. This reduces irritation of the prostate

In the case of prostatitis is not caused by a bacterial infection that can be treated with pain killer, as well as medicine which has a relaxing effect on the bladder, so that urination easier.

Select and complications

In most cases, prostatitis treated with antibiotics without complications. In the more chronic cases, which often affect older men, the situation becomes complicated by the fact that prostate cancer increases with age (see prostataforstørrelse). In addition, the infection can spread to other parts of the urinary tract, and if formed bacteria-filled abscesses, it may be necessary with a surgical procedure, which cleans the area under anesthesia.




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