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Definition and causes

Bladder Stone is a rare disorder that causes problems. Blocks can be kidney stones, which are passed down through the urinary bladder to the head. Since urine leader is narrow, these stones are rarely more than 5-6 mm, and emptied usually without problems through the urethra with urine (they give instead symptoms before they reach the bladder, kidney stones look).

Bladder stones may also form in the urinary bladder in the same manner as in the kidney. In other words, when lime (calcium) and waste should not remain dissolved in the urine and instead deposited as crystals, which collects the stones. The reason for this is in 8 out of 10 cases unknown, but there may be a hereditary component, and also provide increased amounts of calcium and certain wastes in the blood increased risk of stone formation. Also infections of the urinary tract can probably start the process. The bladder is there more space

Symptoms of bladder stones

The symptoms are typicalSmall, frequent urination, Oftenpainful. These symptoms recalls cystitis, skin and a genuine infection can also occur as a result of stones in the urinary bladder. There may be smallblood in the urineBecause the stones do smårifter in mucous membranes.

Complications of bladder stones

If a bladder stone blocks the urinary plumbing may still urine in the urine and kidney leaders pelvic become a breeding ground for bacteria, with acute renal pelvis to follow. Total blockage can get kidney basin to swell with increased pressure in the kidneys, which may be treated by restoring urine drained to prevent kidney failure.

Treatment of bladder stones

Bladder stones removed under full anesthesia with a telescopic instrument (cystoskop), introduced into the bladder through the urethra. The stones can be crushed or pulled out, and the results are almost always good. Have we once had bladder and / or kidney stones, there is a greater risk than otherwise to create rock a few years later.


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