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During the day most people leave the water four or five times in portions of 300 ml each. time. Urination at night is rare. When urine is normally functioning, thinking we are not in it. We brands urination drive, and follow it whenever possible and appropriate.

Many people feel bothered by water at inappropriate times, involuntary urination and / or painful urination. Involuntary nocturnal urination is something that belongs to the children? Or is it? No, many elderly people have to urinate at night.
What is the reason why you have to empty the bladder at night? A gene that about 50 percent of all 65 year olds have.

Large fluid intake in the evening

Most have probably experienced nocturnal water and urination, if in the course of the evening and especially in the last hours before sovetid have consumed enough liquids.
Treat course by not drinking too much fluid before bedtime.

Small bladder

When we get older, there will be many changes in the body. Among other bladder can not hold as much as in adolescence. Bladder capacity may fall to 100 to 200 ml (1 - 2 dl). Have we got a small bladder capacity, it is often up a few times each night, because our kidneys produce in every drop 50 ml each hour. You can examine the bladder is small, by pursuing a simple form where you write down how much they drink and how often you go to the toilet.


Bladder is controlled by the brain. From here comes the message that you have to urinate and possibly trying to suppress urination. From time to operate this management does not, so that the bladder can be active or get cramps (spasms). This can occur if you have had a stroke, Parkinson's disease, Multiple sclerosis or other nervous system disorders.

Some people have a bladder, because they have inflammation of the bladder, bladder stones or polyps. Unfortunately, there are also cases where you can not find the reason for active bladder. The active bladder "decides". The pulling together all of a sudden, so we can not reach to get to the toilet.

Treatment can be relaxing bladder medicine, so your bladder is not as active more and avoiding having to urinate at night or very often during the day. Talk to your doctor.


Source: - Accounts Association

The text is published on 9/8- 2005

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