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Urinary incontinence can often be treated, but before you seek help, be aware that obesity, smoking, drinking and bad toilet habits are important causes of urinary incontinence. Therefore:

  • Trying to lose you

  • Reduce tobacco consumption

  • Drink less - 1.5 liters of fluid a day is enough

  • Go to the toilet before you leave home

  • Seek regular toilet habits - let the water around. every 3 hours

  • Practice predicament exercises

  • If the above is not enough, visit your doctor

What are the practitioner?

  • In women: a gynecological examination

  • In men: An examination of blærehalskirtlen (prostate)

  • Urine examination

  • Registering your urination and drinking habits (fill therefore a urination schedule to your doctor) - the form is available on this website

  • Treatment with medication or various aids

  • Referring to the physiotherapist, specializing in Pelvic Floor

  • If the problem has persisted long can aids available free of charge under the Services section 97 (regardless of income). The cost to the physiotherapist (PFMT for men and women) reduced if you get a referral from your doctor.

If you can not help, we recommend that you refer to a specialist:

A gynecologist for women and a Urologists for men. A pediatrician for children.

What are the special doctor?
Further studies

Special treatment: electrical stimulation, emptying the bladder with plasticrør (catheterisation), medication or surgery.



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The text is published on 9/8- 2005

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