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Definition and causes

A tumor means a knot. Tumors can occur in all tissues and may be benign (benign) Or cancer nodules that are malignant (malignant). The thyroid gland can cause various types of knots. These are frequent and are in most cases quite harmless (benign) and does not affect the glands function.

They are usually small knots or fluid-filled cysts, which occur singly or in bunches. In some cases, the Gordian knot produces a surplus of thyroid gland function (see increased activity in the thyroid gland).

In rare cases, a lump in the thyroid gland to be cancer.

All types of tumor of the thyroid gland is the most common from 40 to 60 years of age and are three times more frequent in women as in men.

Symptoms of tumors of the thyroid

There are often no symptoms other than a knot in my throat, which can be seen or felt. In rare cases, a large knot give pressure symptoms from the trachea or esophagus, in the form of sink-or breathing difficulties. Pain from the Gordian knot is rare.

If the Gordian knot produces thyroid gland function, there may be signs of increased activity in the thyroid.

Precautions and diagnosis

Your doctor will examine your throat in order to determine the node size and shape. There may be blood tests that determine the level of thyroid gland function in the blood. An ultrasound can be used to identify glands internal structure and look for the Gordian knot is solid or a liquid-filled cyst.

There can be made knownscientigrafi, Which can determine whether an area or a lump in the thyroid showing increased activity.
A tissue (biopsy) can be removed with a needle to determine whether the Gordian knot is benign, or there is cancer.

Treatment of tumors of the thyroid

Benign nodules and cysts, which does not give symptoms, is not therapy. But it can be given to conducting regular checks to monitor any node development and growth. A fluid-filled cyst can be discharged into local anesthetic using a needle, but will often be restored. If the Gordian knot gives swallowing or breathing difficulties, restore frequent or bothers, plans to remove the whole Gordian knot of an operation.

If the Gordian knot turns out to be cancer, is also examining the removal of the whole Gordian knot of an operation. Afterwards you can give a single dose of radioactive iodine, which specifically affects any. remaining cancer cells.

Select and complications

Opting for total removal of the thyroid, there is a need for lifelong replacement therapy with synthetic thyroid gland function (see. Decreased activity in the thyroid gland).

The prognosis of thyroid cancer in young adults are very good. In children and the elderly but prognosis is not so good.





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