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Definition and causes

Huge Growth or giant ism is an extremely rare condition, caused by overproduction of growth hormone from the pituitary gland, often due to ahypofysetumor. Huge growth is in principle the same asacromegaly, The difference is simply that the overproduction of growth hormone begins in childhood when the body length growth is not yet complete. Body long rørknogler, ie. bones of the arms and legs, is growing very much, and a final height of 2.20 meters is not uncommon.


Precautions and diagnosis

Children may be temporarily higher than jævnaldrene if puberty occurs early. But among these children often end up height to be as average. Drengebørn with a congenital chromosomal defect known asKlinefelter's syndrome,are often higher than average.


If you suspect abnormal growth of her baby, you can make regular measurements of the height in order to find out if the development deviates from the norm. The final diagnosis huge growth made using blood samples, which can measure a possible. increased levels of growth hormone in the blood.


Treatment and prognosis

Treatment options are in principle the same as with acromegaly, but it is important to begin treatment before puberty, which still has the ability to slow down the body length growth. If treatment is started early, there is a good chance to curb huge growth and achieve a relatively normal height.




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