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When the legs further veins have lost their natural function and the development of varicose vein, they can be removed. Their function over then the legs of deeper veins or the remaining additional veins, which after surgery can grow and branch off.

During the operation:

surgery is called stripping and performed under rygmarvsbedøvelse or anesthetic. It puts about 5 cm long cut in the skin of the sick forests upper and lower portions and several smaller cuts, where the vein prospering. Branches Having tied to prevent bleeding and then the cut. Vein removed by the introduction of a flexible metal wire in its lower end. Metal wire anchored by the upper cut and pull it back, so the vein is removed. At the same time that vein removed, put

After Operation

the patient must go with the bandage on the leg for several weeks and then with elastic stockings for some time to damage to the tissue is Battens. You can either go home after surgery or stay in hospital overnight. Many operations are, however, from practicing specialists.


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