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The heart is a muscle pump, which is supplied with blood from his coronary arteries (see cardiac structure). Due. arteriosclerosis, one or more coronary arteries narrow and lead to heart disease. If the heart muscle is threatened because it does not get enough blood and thus oxygen (see heart attack), one can be forced to reopen the throat surgery. At a cut in the groin creates access to large groin artery, and through this, there is a small plastic tube up to the heart arte

Ballonudvidelse, PCI (percutaneous intervention coronar):
In a few easily could ballonudvidelse constrictions elected. This operation is in a local anesthetic and usually lasts less than an hour. It normally goes through the same artery in the groin. A thin wire pass through throat, and a loose plastic balloon carried over the wire. In throat inflated balloon, and this burst calcification in karvæggen that are causing the throat.

There usually chosen to include a thin cylindrical kunststofsnet, a so-calledstent, In the vein. The network keeps the tank suspended and open, and counteract the rapid development of new narrowing in the same place. One can in the same action on multiple constrictions. The treatment does not cure the underlying disease and must be supplemented with medical treatment to discourage further åreforsnævring.

By inaccessible constrictions, constrictions of three main strains of coronary arteries or heart rate in diabetic patients with constrictions, you can choose a by-pass surgery. This is a big operation, the chest is opened through the sternum, and operating directly on the heart. The operation takes like 4-5 hours.

The idea is to create a new path for the blood that goes around the narrowed part to coronary artery. This can be done by the kidnappers operate a superficial vein (a vein), often from the leg, and implanting it in heart. Another solution is to move one end of another small artery from the chest to the heart. Artery supplying the heart muscle then on the other side of the throat instead of the chest, which can cope with the blood supply from elsewhere.

Other routes, including from under his arm, can also be used as transplants. During the operation the patient switched to a heart-lung machine to pump blood around the body around the heart. The machine also draw breath for the patient when the operation is in full anesthesia.

The last few years are certain places started to make by-pass operations without heart-lung machine on the beating heart. This is a telescope operation, and is much more gentle than the operation in which the thorax is opened. However, it is not any kind of by-pass, which can be implemented, and the method is still under development.

Select and complications

Close to 100% experienced immediate symptom free or markedly improved after a crane operation at pulse arteries.
Balloon expansion is rarely associated with complications and the patient quickly printed from the hospital. However, there is some risk that hjertepulsåren again narrow, any. somewhere else because the underlying disease (arteriosclerosis) is still present. Medical therapy, exercise and diet modification and smoking cessation may well go the way of help to stop the development.

By-pass surgery is associated with some risk. Heart attack
seen in 5-10% after a by-pass operation, however, there is often talk about small blood clots.

10-20% of veneimplantater stop due to blood clot formation within the first year after surgery. This depends on the underlying disease severity, lifestyle and medical treatment.



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