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Definition and cause

Myocarditisis an inflammatory reaction in cardiac muscle. Cardiac pump function is reduced in serious cases. The mode can be caused by infection withMicroorganisms(bacteria, viruses or fungi), beautoimmune(the body's own immune system attacks the heart muscle) or the inexplicable reason (so-calledidiopathic).

The infection of the heart muscle occurs after infection elsewhere in the body where the micro-organism when the heart with blood, and propagated itself here. Overwhelming, there are viral infections, especially from gastrointestinal viruses. Kiss sickness and AIDS patients at increased risk due to weakening of their immune system. Bacterial myocarditis may occur after diphtheria or borrelia infection.

The disease can spread from inflammation of the heart sac (perikarditis)
Myocarditis is overwhelmingly benign, but can lead to serious heart disease as heart pump failure.

Symptoms of myocarditis

Myocarditis is probably a fairly frequent illness. In most cases, the disease but no, or little symptoms as light chest pain, heart palpitations and mild shortness of breath. Many will never discover that they have had the disease.

In severe cases seen symptoms of heart rhythm disturbances or heart failure.


A blood test can show elevated cardiac enzymes as evidence of the destruction of heart tissue. For viral myocarditis will be after some time be detectable virus in their blood. An electrocardiogram (ECG) may indicate rhythm disturbances (light disturbances seen frequently). On X-ray of the breast will be able to see easily enlarged heart.

An ultrasound examination of the heart (echocardiography) may show whether the heart pumps properly, and you can see, the heart is on track to fail.
Is the disease seriously, it may be necessary to remove a tissue (biopsy) from the heart.

Treatment of myocarditis

Often the condition requires no treatment because the symptoms are scarce.
Severe cases of rhythm disturbance or heart failure should be treated in a special on one of the major country hospitals.

Auto Immune myocarditis may be necessary to deal with immune-inhibiting drugs.

Select and complications

In the vast majority are benign cycle, and it will be completely healthy. Developed heart attacks or rhythm disturbances is forecast differently bad.

In some cases, after -1 ½ years developing "soft heart", where the muscle is extended. The heart is unable to pump properly. Her heart transplant may be the only saving way out.


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