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Causes and definition

The disease is found in inappropriate high growth of heart muscle cells in the two heart chambers, and especially in the dividing wall between them (For cardiac structure read more here).

Over growth makes that particular cardiac filling deteriorate, and in severe cases may occur in the closing of the hole through which the heart pumps blood out to hovedpulsåren.


The smaller blood vessels supplying the heart muscle of oxygen, may have difficulties meeting the high oxygen from muscle, which means that the heart gets worse to carry out its work.


The reason for the development of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is unknown, but there is some familial connection. There is sometimes found defects in the genes coding for cardiac muscle cells in patients with the disease.

The disease is most frequently detected in 30-40 years of age.


Symptoms of enlarged heart

The mode can be completely without symptoms and only prove by a random heart study, which takes aelectrocardiogram (ECG).When the heart is difficult to be filled properly, which increases blood pressure where the blood comes from, that is in the lungs, and it appears as shortness of breath.

Other symptoms of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy:

  • Heart cramps.

  • Fatigue.

  • Fainting.


For some the first symptom is sudden death.


Precautions and diagnosis

There are no precautions that we can take to avoid the disease. But is aware of the disease in the family, you should consult a doctor and get examined his heart. Seeing Monday above symptoms, you should also consult a doctor.


An ECG allows doctors suspected the disease, and will subsequently undergo aechocardiography,who can give the final diagnosis and see if there are any. afklemningskomplikationer in the heart. That is about the passage from the left arteries to hovedpulsåren is closed. Often, the doctor could hear noises from the heart of stetoskopi.


Treatment of enlarged heart

Treatment directed primarily against a bug. blockage of blood sunset from the heart. There can be used heart medicine to lower the pulse and better heart filling with blood. For this purpose,beta-blockersandcalcium channel blockers(calcium antagonists) good.


If medical treatment does not work, try a surgical solution. You can try to spray a poison into the coronary artery branch that provides blood to the muscle area, which causes problems. The muscle dies, and improve subsequent problems.


It may also attempt to cut the problematic piece of heart muscle away.


The final solution istransplantof a new heart.


Select and complications

The earlier Monday debut with symptoms of the disease, the worse the prognosis. The higher one's symptoms are, the worse the prognosis also. The disease is associated with an increased risk of developing endokarditis, heart rhythm disturbances andheart failure.





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