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Definition and cause

As in all the body's other muscles happens in the heart continuous degradation and structure of the cells. It requires the right building blocks, and if they are not being injected, can cause problems in heart muscle.

It can be seen by poisoning, malnutrition and disruption of salt balance.

The most common causes are excessive intake of alcohol.

The alcohol in large quantities can act as a poison on the heart. There may develop an enlarged heart lax (dilated cardiomyopathy). This can also be seen in various states of malnutrition, for example. by lack of vitamin B1. The combination of vitamin deficiency andalcoholismseen frequently due to poor nutrition that often accompany prolonged alcohol intake sharply.  


Symptoms and complications

The dilated cardiomyopathy may cause various symptoms, depending on severity. In lighter cases seen palpitations, breathlessness and swelling of the legs in particular. In severe cases may develop heart failure and / orforkammerflimmer. Is the disease of alcoholism, there can be complications from other alcohol-related diseases.


Precautions and diagnosis

When healthy and balanced diet and a moderate alcohol intake, prevented the development of the enlargement of the heart of these reasons. However, there are many other ailments that may cause dilated cardiomyopathy, and often it is not possible to find an exact underlying cause.


The diagnosis can be made by the doctor at a echocardiography of the heart.


With various blood tests, it is possible to detect the vitamins that your body is missing. A blood test can also detect whether the body is exposed to high alcohol load.



Complete cessation of alcohol intake has been shown to improve the condition of some. a 1 / 3 of patients with alcoholic enlarged heart. There will also be seen improvement in malnourished if their nutritional status corrected.


Treatment is otherwise referred to inheart failure.In the worst cases,heart transplantprove to be the only life-saving treatment.







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