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Definition and causes

The blood is transported around the body inside the blood vessels of various sizes. A bleeding (haemorrhage) occurs when a blood vessel is damaged, and blood leaking into the surrounding tissue. Blodudsivning in, or just under the skin will appear as abruise. Normally, the bleeding stop in a short time because the blood's ability to clot (clot).

Koagulation (clotting):Størkningsprocessen is a collaboration between coagulation factors (enzymes in the blood that control blood clotting), the blodkarvæggen and circulating platelets (platelet) in the blood. The damage to the tank, there is only a contraction of the tank, so that the amount of blood in the leaking area reduced. Next, melt the platelets fixed to karvæggen over the leaks. Finally enclosed platelets of a substance called fibrin, which forms a trådagtigt material for

A bleeding can occur anywhere in the body and may have different reasons, including:

  • Mechanical damage to a blood vessel:If the body inflicted a blow, plug or cut, it can lead to a bristning of blood vessels.

  • Inborn haemophilia:In the case of mutations (errors) koagulationsfaktorerne as evidenced by haemophilia stop størkningen because of the lack of coagulation factors important to the process. This also means that people suffering from haemophilia have a greater tendency to bleeding.

  • By alack of platelets ( thrombocytopenia )there is not enough platelets in the blood to stop a hemorrhage. People suffering from thrombocytopenia, has increased bleeding tendency.

  • Aincreased activity of the system breaking down fibrin(trådagtige material over the platelets) provide major bleeding tendency.

Some medicines can give fragile blood vessels, and therefore increased tendency for bleeding. This is especially true binyrebarkhormon (kortison, prednisolone).

Symptoms of bleeding

There can be little punktformede dots and / or major affladede areas. When the blood seen through the skin, it appears as a bruise. As the blood are broken down, change the color of a yellow hue. Ahaematomais a well-defined frembulende accumulation of blood that often arose because of a blow. By blødersygdomme you can have spontaneous bleeding from the nose and gums.

Precautions and diagnosis

All have bruising and shock after the battle, but some have a greater tendency to get it than others.
Do we have the tendency to unprovoked to have bruising or soft from the gums or nose can be a suspect as haemophilia haemophilia or thrombocytopenia . Mistænkes this to be a doctor.

Treatment of bleeding

A bleeding in the skin, which is stopped, disappear on its own in the next few days. The blood are broken down by the body's immune system and transported out of the area. Dannes be an open wound in the skin, the bleeding stopped by pressing on the wound. with gauze bandage, before it washed thoroughly with soapy water and connected to the bandage. Is it a large or gaping wounds, it must be stitched on skadestuen before the passage of 6 hours. Consideration of blødersygdomme is a specialistopgave which take place at sygehu





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