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Definition and causes

Cracks in the end the gut would say that the skin or mucous membranes around the anus is broken. The cracks occur due to stretch the tissue in the end of the intestine. This may, for example. happen if we have very strong stomach and must push much of getting rid of the stools. The cracks are deeper and deeper, if continued over a stretch of tissue, and there is a chronic wounds. Some have a tight closure of muscle, which will also lead to the emergence of a crack in the end the intestine. The cracks are typically rear

Symptoms of crack in the end the gut

  • Severe pain associated with bowel movements.

  • Itching around the anus.

  • Blood on toilet paper, when you have dried themselves.

  • Problems with keeping the area around the anus clean.

  • There can therefore be seen little trace of stools in less than pants.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you are experiencing these symptoms should go to his own doctor to be examined. The doctor will examine using the intestine with a finger and with a transparent plastic tube (anoskop), held a small piece into the end intestine.

Treatment of crack in the end the gut

It is important to avoid being constipation, as the cracks in the end the intestine can not whole. Be sure that you eat a healthy, balanced diet with many fibers, exercise and drink 1-2 liters of liquid a day. In addition, you can take the stools mean, if the above does not work well enough.

In cases where the muscle is too tight, you can get an ointment that contains nitroglycerin or injection of botulinumtoxin (Botox, sausage poison). This may have the muscle to relax, so there will be a better place for that stool can pass out through the anus. You can also do ass major surgery, where you cut some of the muscle fibers of the muscle over.


If the cracks in the end the intestine can get peace to the entire up, it often disappears within a few weeks. It may come again if we take care to avoid constipation.



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