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Definition and causes

Anal Itching to say that there is itching in or around the anus. The mode most often caused by hemorrhoids, fissures in the intestine or end of active sweat glands around the anus. In these conditions, there will be moist around Rectum-opening all the time, either due to a little stool, leaking from anus, or because sweat production is increased. The moisture in itself is irritating to the skin, but particularly if there is stool on the skin, does this very irritating. Anal Itching may be and

Symptoms of anal itching

Anal itching is in itself a symptom. Itching is often very intense and may be accompanied by a feeling that there is moist around the anus.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you have anal itching, be sure to keep the area around the anus clean and dry. It may be a good idea to wash around the anus with a soft cloth and plenty of water after it had had bowel movements. Hosp. you can rinse with a hand shower. You should not use soap, and we must notflounderBecause it can irritate the skin further. You should not use creams or anoint, unless the cause of itching is fungus or other skin disorder.

If you are experiencing anal itching for a long time, one should go to his own doctor to be examined.

Treatment of anal itching

In order to treat anal itching, we must find out what has triggered it, so we can treat the operative cause. Anal itching will disappear once you have removed the triggering cause.


Many people experience anal itching for a shorter period. In many cases, disappears by itself within a few days. After treatment of the operative cause anal itching often disappears instantly.


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