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Definition and causes

Tarmslyng is a condition in which intestinal passage is fully or partially lifted. Most cases of tarmslyng (75-80%) is localized to the small intestine. The remainder are located in the large bowel. We are talking aboutmechanicalileusIf it is a mechanical lock andParalyticileusIf the state due to lack of bowel function.

Mechanical ileus
The most common cause of mechanical ileus, along wax or shrinking lecture in the intestine due to scarring from past operations or peritonitis. Other reasons outside the gut isinside walked hernia, Volvulus(which is turning a portion of the colon surrounding blood vessels causing lifted blood supply). Tumors from other agencies may also give tarmslyng.

The reason may also be due to conditions in tarmlumen, as gallstones or ufordøjede food debris that is stuck, but this is not frequent causes of tarmslyng.

In addition, diseases of the intestinal wall, for example. Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis cause constrictions and further lead to mechanical ileus. Radiation can also cause the intestinal wall and damaged during healed grow together and form the constrictions. Finally, colon cancer a relatively frequent cause of mechanical ileus.

Obstruction means that there is food and fluid retention and intestine udspiles above. The expansion of the gut causing reduced absorption of fluids, among other things, further exacerbating the lead no. The lead None also abnormal bowel movements and violent vomiting.

A particularly dangerous form of mechanical ileus is calledstrangulationsileusWhere blood supply to the intestine is cut off. This is a very serious condition.

Paralytic ileus
By Paralytic ileus (also called functional tarmslyng), there is no bowel movements, and bowel function is repealed.

The most common cause of paralytic ileus has operations in the abdominal cavity. After nearly all operations in the abdominal cavity seen paralytic ileus for up to three to four days, after which the state repealed by itself. Moreover seen Paralytic ileus also often by peritonitis, or other modes irritation in the abdominal cavity.

Symptoms of tarmslyng

Mechanical ileus
The symptoms depend on the location of the blockage, and also about the blockage is total or partial:

  • Colic-like pain (pain comes and goes). The pains will typically take a few minutes and disappear again. By tarmslyng for a long time will often be constant pain. By location far below in the intestine is the dominant symptom of pain.

  • Large vomiting. If the condition has been a long time may be vomiting of stool-like. By tarmslyng high in the system is the dominant symptom vomiting.

  • The lead-testing of the stomach and intestines.

  • Stop the stool and stop the departure of air from the intestines.

Paralytic ileus

  • The lead Ning (both thin-and colon) due to accumulation of gas and liquid.

  • Diffuse tension and discomfort in the stomach gut region, because none of the lead.

  • Eventually nausea, vomiting and stop the stool and air outlet.

  • Sometimes accumulation of gas and liquid become so great that the contents in the belly pressed up against the chest and may cause breathing problems.

Both conditions can result in long-term dehydration, as strength in the intestine.

Precautions and diagnosis

The above symptoms should seek immediate medical attention.

To make the diagnosis take some blood tests, but the main investigation is an X-ray contrast with the entire abdominal intestinal region.

Treatment of tarmslyng

First reading directed against any dehydration with the administration of fluids. Then take a suction in the stomach, and liquid and food residues sucked up, so the pressure eased and the pain diminished. Moreover, pain killer.

The treatment of mechanical ileus is almost always surgery, where the blockade lifted. Possibly removed a small portion of the intestine. If there is suspicion of an inside walked hernia or a strangulationsileus, the operation must be acute.

By Paralytic ileus treatment directed primarily at the underlying cause. Subsequently, the state often move in itself. The post-operative tarmslyng will, as mentioned often disappear by themselves after a few days.

Select and complications

Tarmslyng is a serious condition that requires prompt treatment.

Dehydringen can be as bad, that can be developed hypovolaemic shock. In addition to the intestine being flushed so that the burst causing bacteria into the abdominal cavity and peritonitis.

If the pain disappears suddenly after a long period may indicate that parts of the intestine is dead. This occurs because the initiative has led to the blood supply is afklemt. This is a very serious condition requiring emergency surgery, with removal of the dead areas.



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