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Definition and causes

Karcinoider are tumors (tumors) that occur in tissues that emerged from the fetus plants to gut. Fetus plants to gut divided into:

  • Fort Armen: This will be later in the bronchial tubes, thymus (thymus), stomach and gut and pancreas.

  • Amid the gut: This is the small intestine and the first part of the colon.

  • Baked Armen: This is the last part of the colon and ovary.

Karcinoider may occur in a particular type of cell in all the above bodies. Frequently it is blind in his arm or small intestine. Karcinoider in the small intestine is almost always malignant (cancer), while this is rarely at karcinoider end of the intestine or blindly arm.

The cells that occurs karcinoider which can produce various hormones or substances with effects on blood vessels. This may cause various disturbances, if produced large quantities, which is calledkarcinoidt syndrome. In addition to the chemical effects, karcinoider can also cause problems because they can be very large and thus place the intestine, causing tarmslyng. In addition, you may cause discomfort due to pressure on surrounding structures.

Symptoms of karcinoider

Often gives karcinoider no symptoms and are discovered by chance during examination for another illness. The following symptoms may be seen:

  • Abdominal pain.

  • Karcinoidt syndrome: Here the seizure of flushing of the face (flushing) and diarrhea. It can be triggered by various foods and alcohol.

  • Fibrosis: Woven into the intestine becomes rigid and rigid, making it difficult for food to pass, so there may arise tarmslyng. In addition, there arises a lack of oxygen in the intestinal wall, which will lead to this piece of intestine dies.

  • Constipation: This is seen particularly at karcinoider in the latter part of the colon, where the tumor can hamper the passage of the gut contents.

  • Cough and shortness of breath: This is seen by karcinoider in the lungs.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you are experiencing these symptoms should go to his own doctor to be examined further. By suspected karcinoid taken a series of blood tests, and exploring the urine of one of the substances that are usually separated by karcinoider. There may also be created telescope studies of the intestine, where you could see the bigger karcinoider. Also can be done ultrasound and CT scan.

Treatment of karcinoider

We try as much as possible to remove karcinoider surgery. It may be necessary to remove a piece of intestine to get it all with. Similarly, removed a piece of the lungs, where karcinoidet sitting here. If there is spread to the liver (metastasis), you can provide radiation therapy, chemotherapy or remove the blood supply to the affected area. If you can not remove karcinoidet, can inhibit the growth of medicine. This will often relieve the symptoms at the same time.


If the entire karcinoidet can be removed, is healed. In other cases it may be necessary medicines for life. These can then get continuous treatment for example. tarmslyng. In most cases, which are spread to the liver, might end up dying in a few years.



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