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Plastic surgery is performed to restore normalcy in a body that has exposure to external damage, for example. a burning, or to correct the congenital malformations, such as. a split lip. Plastic operations often leads to the transplant, the skin on your body, and surgery may also include underlying muscles and bones. Operations of this type can also be purely cosmetic to improve the patient's appearance



A wounds after a fire damage, traffic injury or certain operations often require that you perform a plastic surgery to prevent the formation of ugly, obtrusive scars. It then covers the wound with a delhuds-graft from the patient's own body. This type of transplant is no problem with rejection, because the body's immune system does not attack the graft (see transplantation).

A method for hudtransplantationer is the so-called free transfer. You take healthy skin from the thigh or back. With a special cutting machine, a flag, which includes more than skin and a very thin layer of leather skin.

Graft placed over the wound or fire damage and grow fast in the course of a week or ten days. The place where you have skin covered in the course of 1-3 weeks of the new skin that grows out of the layers of leather skin which was seated.

In the face and hands can also use a so-called fuldhudstransplantat which is thicker. Since the spot where you take the skin in this case will require a transplant if you can not sew it together, its use is limited.

Free transfer requires a good blood supply in the tissues under the graft for it to grow fast. Since it is not connected with the place where it is taken, it must fend for themselves to growing new blood vessels into it. If these demands are not met, the door transplanted skin and afstødes. In these cases it is safer to use a so-called stilket flyover. This disconnect is not the link between the graft and the place where

You can take skin from, for example. stomach and let the stems grow at a solid arm. Then disconnect the connection to Monday abdominal skin and affirming the style's free end of an injury for example. the face. When the stem has grown fast again interrupted the connection with his arm. It is using micro-surgical technique of cutting veins and then connecting them with veins, which is closer to the damaged area.

Cosmetic operations

Plastic operations for cosmetic reasons is becoming more common. Many people have made no ansigtsløft (operations to remove rough skin on the neck and face) are sanded obtrusive ar away, eyelid surgery or addressed outstanding ears, sunken chin or obtrusive nose (known rhinoplastik). It is also common for operations to get changed too large or too small br

Health insurance do not normally give grants for cosmetic surgery only for aesthetic reasons. However, it is customary to carry out operations brystgenskabende after cancer operations, or brystformindskende operations because of a sore back. By brystgenskabende operations often uses the patient's own muscle and fat tissue as a material. We have previously used a silicone implant. But when there is an increasing number of recorded events with leaking sil

Most of these interventions will require a few days of hospitalization, and with the exception of ansigtsløft movements, which acts between two and ten years, they have lasting impact, and leave only very minor scars.

Although the above operations are not dangerous, they are associated with some risk. Sometimes the patient is worse after surgery. Rarely are fatal complications. Tummy Tuck (a method that is designed to absorb the excess fat from under the skin) can lead to major blood loss and other complications.

A skilful plastikkirurg should be able to judge whether the patient's expectations are reasonable. When planning a plastic surgery, it is important to know that it does not always lead to similar problems disappear. In certain cases it may be a good idea to take a conversation with a psychologist or a psychiatrist before you decide the composition of the operation.



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