Last updated:10-20-2008
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Many skin diseases can be treated with a cortisone preparation (adrenal cortical hormones), which alleviated the disease significantly or disappear entirely. The funds will be used in exactly the way your doctor has prescribed it. Otherwise there can be adverse side effects:

1 Some people gain to begin with an improvement in the use of cortisone preparations, but will after a while worsening problems in the form of red, insult end skin with pus-filled blisters. Rash disappear if you cease to use cortisone.

2 If you use cortisone preparations against skin infections, they may be deteriorating.

3 If we apply cortisone preparation against certain skin diseases, the condition may recur and worsen when you stop using cortisone.

4 If you use cortisone for a long time (several months), you can get pergamentagtige hudforandringer. The skin is thin and you can clearly see the thin blood vessels through it. You can also get any flaw in the skin, which are similar to those we can see after a pregnancy.

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