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The definition, causes and symptoms of depression after childbirth

Some women may in the period after birth have adepression. It is not uncommon for the woman feels depressed or sad. The mode is far more common among first time women.


The reason for this is unknown, but it is possible that there is a hormonal connection, since there is a change in the levels of the female sex hormones. Often these changes could be seen as a response to the dramatic impacts that occur during labor. The woman is exhausted, and after 9 months of increasing pressure on her body as fetal growth, and not least the often exhausting birth, it resulted in.

In addition, the woman has now become a mother, and set up a lot of expectations for the new role, as well as from her own side of the family. Some experience a fear that there must be a child or family anything to harm the newly won fortune. Some are so anxiety of everyday things that can suddenly seem dangerous. Some women are extremely tired. Often the woman may not recognize the reactions she has, and it inconceivable to her new response pattern.


An often overlooked depression after the birth is the one that can occur in the father. There may be a feeling of powerlessness when the only woman who can meet children's needs, and he can stand with a feeling of being made redundant, and that he has got a new place in the family. In the first months is the inevitable woman, who is closest to the child, not least because of the intimacy that takes place during breast-feeding.


Precautions and diagnosis of depression after childbirth

It is important that women have some talking to after birth. Often the woman has enough support to friends and family, possibly. with like-minded in terms of mødregrupper, which is very popular in the early days after birth. In addition, support is to find at Health and midwives, for whom depression after the birth are not uncommon. They can often provide support and possible. recommend the woman to go to the doctor.


Treatment of depression after childbirth

The rule is support and interview enough. Mødregrupper is a good place to meet others who may be in the same situation, and possibly. is the second time women, and can provide advice at first birth. In rarer cases, it may be necessary to use antidepressant medication to be prescribed by your doctor, if he deems it necessary.


Select and complications

With few women in the vicinity of one out of every thousand births, the state develops into a proper birth psychosis. Psychosis is a condition where the line between reality and unreal is blurred and perhaps impossible to see the person. It may be difficult to distinguish it from the less violent and more common fødselsdepression, but it is important to diagnose it. Some women will go with thoughts of suicide or to harm their children. Other developing severe depression, bdepression.


The rare condition can be so serious that it may be necessary for the woman to be seen by a psychiatrist, and possibly. hospitalized in psychiatric department, or it may be dangerous to the woman and / or child.




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