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The importance of breastfeeding

Even before birth midwife will offer advice and guidance on breastfeeding. If after birth a problem with breastfeeding, it is important to get them to life as soon as possible. It is generally believed that breast feeding is better than dried milk, including because it contains immunological agents that support the child's immune system in the early months, before its own start. Moreover, it is thought that breast milk

Breast Voltages

The first days after birth, milk production will go to, and the rapid expansion of mælkekirtlerne will provide breast tensions. Sometimes the child is not able to keep up to empty the breasts, so it may be necessary for women to milking out. For this purpose there is a breast pump that can be milking the female breast to form a vacuum. Stimulation of the area around the nipple to the baby pacifiers, elle
When feeding takes place, the woman as far as possible, try to empty the breast as the last of the milk has a somewhat more kalorieholdig composition. We usually recommend breast-feeding approx. 6 times per. days, but will often mother and child to find a pace which is appropriate.

The quantity of milk and breast-feeding techniques

The volume of milk in the breasts can be felt not to be consistent with the child's needs. If there seems to be too little milk, it is often because, used an incorrect breastfeeding techniques. It is important that the child is given the whole nipple and surrounding pigmented tissue in the mouth. Partly because this gives more milk due to better udmalkningsteknik, partly due to the better stimulation of the breast, thereby improving the release of the hormone that helps to drain

If there is too much milk, it will usually regulate itself, unless the mother consistently milking out to empty the breast. Some have benefited from the use of ice on the very sore nipples. Often, cool seashells help. Some have good effect of using zinc ointment to accelerate healing of nipples are. However, it should be wiped off before feeding. If we apply breastfeed message, it is important to change them frequently, so br

Breast abscesses and breast inflammation

Especially if the woman tends to get sprukne nipples, she is at risk of getting breast inflammation or abscess in the chest, and they should therefore use the second breast for lactation. The symptoms of inflammation are painful breasts, swelling, sometimes reddish color and heat of the breast, possibly. fever.

This condition requires medical treatment with antibiotics.
If you have problems with getting the baby to breastfeed, there is always good to get advice from staff on the food section. The rule is the mother and child, first home, when it is certain that the mother can breastfeed the child.

Father and lactation

A completely different aspect of breast feeding, which can act as a problem is his father's feelings of being put on the sidelines. It is important that novice father to understand that attaching one specific bond between mother and child and the mother meets certain needs that it is not possible for the father to do. The first months of a child's life is the mother that comes first. Later in life, when no more ammesse can father gradually f &

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